Saturday, July 11, 2020

What goes around, comes around

Do good and good will come your way. Just a quote picked up from the packaging on my newest discovery, the Rituals of Karma interior perfume.

Every bottle lasts a long time when they come in 500ml bottles

The Rituals of Karma scent is one of my favorites. So now that it is release in the interior perfume I want to pick it up the next time I pass by the store. Still avoiding unneccessary shopping trips due to the Covid19 pandemic going around in the world. I know I could just order it online, but I like stroling thru the Rituals store. I recommend dropping by a Rituals store if possible, their stores are so nicely decorated giving a sense of calmness and peace. Did I mention they have a sale going on?

Now I’m just wondering when Rituals will release Ritual of Sakura in an interior perfume?

-do you have a Rituals scent favorite?

Monday, March 23, 2020

From our little corner

Ever since the Corona virus hit Norway earlier this month, the Norwegian government has put Norway “on pause”. Schools have been closed and those who can, work from home.. We have also been encouraged to social distancing and limiting human interaction as much as possible.

We are now in week 2 of the national lock down and things are still spinning. I see many  frustrated posts on social media about kids/youth/parents not respecting the need for social distancing to limit the spread of the Corona virus. With kids, it can be hard. The kids cannot sit inside all day watching tv and playing on the ipad. They need fresh air and movement. Luckily, the girls have each other to play with. I can’t imaging how the days a panning out for the only child…

SweetieS’ wonderful teachers have put together a daily plan for us to follow from home during these weeks. For SweetieL the day to day life is harder. While SweetieS is having “schooltime” there is not a plan for us to follow from her kindergarten. There is only so much fun in coloring, activity sheets, perler beads and games. Especially when we have to limit the noise, so SweetieS can concentrate on her schoolwork. Nevertheless we are getting thru the days…however slow they sometimes pan out.

The slow pace in our day-to-day life have made me appreciate the smaller things. Today I saw that my orchids have actually created sprouts! So maybe my fingers aren’t that brown after all. One can only hope.

not one, but two sprouts
I hear that many Norwegians are using the extra time at home to do some Spring-cleaning. We are just enjoying the low pased life before everything goes back to the normal stressful everyday life.

- how are you spending your days during the Corona season?
- what do you do to keep your kids occupied?

Friday, December 20, 2019

Book reports

Last week I attended a meeting with SweetieS school teacher. In the meeting we were discussing SweetieS progress in the different school subjects.

In the past year she has made good progress when it comes to reading and writing. But sometimes I feel SweetieS gets bored and doesn’t want to whether read or write. When the teacher showed me a few pages of stories they have been writing in class I got the idea of book reports. Using a creative way to combine reading and writing would hopefully keep SweetieS motivated.
This is a stamp I bought of Aliexpress, from this listing. But the stamped image will be to small for SweetieS to use as her hand writing still needs practice..and shrinkage if it is to fit inside this print.

As the concept of books reports have yet to be introduced in class yet, I made an example for SweetieS to reference. Writing a few lines in her own words about the story line in the book will make SweetieS both reflect over what she just read and describe the story line in her own words. Hopefully this will keep things interesting.
Been a while since I wrote a book report 
As for the rating of the books. We are going for a star system. We haven’t decided if we are going to just  color in the stamped stars or if we a using stickers. For now we will use the stamped stars as placeholders. The star stamp is an old Stephanie Bernhard stamp I've had for years (pre Stamps of life) so I don't remember the set it came in, but here you can use any small stamp you feel like. I ordered these star stickers of Aliexpress if SweetieS opts for stickers.

Me being big planner fan, of course I have made planners for my girls. For now these pages are inserted into SweetieS «training planner». It also holds pages for her to practice her writing. I just printed some pages I found on Pintrest. Like these.

-how do you keep your kids inspired when it comes to reading and writing?
-what pages does your kids have in their planner?

Friday, November 29, 2019

Couch storage

With a new couch came the wish (need?) for more storage. In our previous couch I always had a «project» or two taking up a seat. To DaddyO slight frustration, it always looked abit messy. When a few springs gave in, we opted for a new couch. After looking around and trying a few couches, we landed on the Vallentuna series by IKEA. This is a modular couch that you can put together as you please. We went for the storage in every seat version. Now my projects can be put away when I’m not working on them. You can use IKEAs planner to try out the different setups to find your favorite and get a shopping list of all the parts you will need. Our setup has the code 4FQNNJ in IKEAs planner wizard (which you can find here). The girls still make a mess when sitting on the couch, so we went for the faux leather cover for easier cleaning.
assembled, but not finished cleaning up

I happen to come over a few pins on Pintrest on couch storage and fell in love with the option to have charger cables tucked away in a shelf behind the couch. I did some more digging and started planning my own version. My shelf ended up being a little more complex that the version I started with. A hinged shelf with storage beneath. So I would have less clutter on the living room table. Win, win!

I bought wood planks the width I wanted for the shelf and some square planks to fasten the shelf on. When I was happy with my setup, all visible surfaces got three coats of wood stain from IKEA. Within the shelf I place a power cord for the mobile phone chargers. No more cables stretched across the couch.
blending in
-how do you keep clutter away from the couch area?

Friday, November 1, 2019

Inspired by Britney

Spears....really? Well kinda, I was inspired by the colors on the packaging of Britneys perfume «Midnight fantasy».
loving the color scheme

With November just around the corner, I thought I might as well start planning my next layout in my planner. Yes this is yet another planner post (not gossip related as the title might have suggested, sorry!)

The first week of November will be quite hectic for CasaR, so might as well take advantage of the free time I had this weekend.

With the color scheme planned, I kinda had a sense of the layout I wanted to aim for...stars and galaxy of some sort. 
playing with the colors

Finally got to try out the markers I ordered on Aliexpress a while back. This one to be exact. I opted for the 100pack. Not sure I need this many colors, ever...I used the markers on an acrylic block (I wound up using a longer block than the one in the picture), sprayed some water on it and pulled it across the pages in a diagonal line. When the paper had dried, I went over with a Wink of Stella clear marker to give is some  sparkle.

Tried to catch the glitter sparkle on the left side

Then I went over with a number stencil and wrote up the days of the week with the purple marker I had used for the «galaxy» stripe.
The result
Quite happy with the end result. Now to fill out alm the plans for the coming week.
-have you been inspired by any celebrity?
-what theme do you have for November in your planner?
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