Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A smiling bum?

The other day I received another Buzzador package. This time it consisted of a diaper rash cream for babies called Bepanthen.

I’ve tried this cream before and works wonders on BabyS. We have so far used it for diaper rashes, dry skin, irritated skin…with great results. If only BabyS would let the cream do its job instead of trying to wipe it onto others….


With a pamphlet about the product and a bunch of small tubes of Bepanthen I’m ready to give away to my fellow baby friends. The small tubes are perfect to bring along in the diaper bag.

- have you tried Bepanthen, what do you think about it?
- let me know if you want to give this cream a try…

Keep smiling, and have a wonderful May 1st


Shabby? or Shappy Chic? Today I finally put the finishing touches on a little project I’ve been playing around with for a while now.

A decoupage box for storing our parking permits. The parking lot for guests in our co-op is very strict on all cars needing a parking permit. No permit = a hefty fine!

It started out as a box of baby cereal…from Nestlé

Some free hand cutting until I was happy with the shape…

I tore apart an old book – into different shapes, inked the edges with Ranger Distress Ink in the color “Tea Dye” before I decoupaged it onto the box with Mod Podge.  Added a book label on the front as a finishing touch.

And voila!

Here with a few permits inside…

It was fun playing around with decoupage. Only done it one time before, and that project I gave away…

Only downside is that you have to work with the Mod Podge in a well ventilated room, or as I did – took breaks often. So you might need some patients…

- have you done any decoupaging?
- do you live in a co-op with strict/“crazy” parking rules?

Monday, April 22, 2013

Glow in the dark cake

I finally got a hold of some pandan paste. Bought from this sweet Ebayer.

Here @CasaR Pandan bread is a favorite. Sweet and fragrant the Pandan buns don’t stand a chance. Pandan bread are widely available at Asian stores here in Oslo, in the freezer. But I thought it would be fun to be able to make them myself. So I went online and did some research. I didn’t find much about making Pandan buns, but lots of versions of Pandan Chiffon cake. That’s one tasty cake! I know from my tastings in Singapore of Pandan Kueh. So I thought I would give it a try…

Thank you to I at, I shoot, I post blog post with all his experience from making chiffon cakes. That post is here.


My notes from this try:
- more pandan paste (you can’t taste the green coloring Smile with tongue out)
- if possible add pandan juice
- I did have some big bubbles in the cake, so maybe try getting more of them out before baking it in the oven

- Have you made a colored cake that looks strange but tastes great?
- What’s your favorite Pandan flavored food?

A blank canvas

As I wrote in an earlier post, during Easter we renovated our hallway. We finished in just under two weeks! Everything takes so much longer with BabyS in-house. Luckily my mother didn’t mind taking care of BabyS while we worked.

With redone walls and a new floor we now have a blank canvas to decorate. I mentioned how much we liked that the hallway felt more open with everything out. So I still have to find out how we want to furnish our renovated hallway…

Took a few pictures of the hallway before, during and after renovation.

GangCollagebefore - cluttered, during – progression, after – blank canvas

When we tore out the wall panels we found dark green painted walls. Well half way down the walls. No shocker…we have already found a blue kitchen, red living room…so a green hallway didn’t come as much of a surprise. Our new hallway is now painted in a plain cream color with Alloc Commercial Stone flooring in Skifer Grey. Don’t mind DaddyO and BabyS in the last picture…

With a blank canvas at hand it’s time to look at some storage solutions for our hallway that won’t make a big clutted hallway.

- Do you have smart ways to organize in your hallway?
- Have you renovated you hallway and want to share with me?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A little lighter

Today was the last day of my maternity leave…*sigh*…gonna miss spending my days with BabyS. Have the last weeks gradually returned to work. Today it dawned on me, no more maternity leave. Well I had planned a nice long stroller ride with BabyS in the wonderful weather that has come to Oslo the last few weeks, until I woke up to a gloomy grey day. So stroller ride cancelled and a relaxing day at home instead. No complaints from BabyS and we spent the day warm and cozy, playing in almost all the rooms in our home that is CasaR Smile with tongue out

I’ve been looking at new hairdos for a few days now and have been contemplating bangs. A change in my everyday life, why not a change in my hair? Today I took the plunge and cut it!

IMG_0018[1] IMG_0019[1]
before… after…

My new bangs are longer than in the picture….just out of the shower they wanted to stand straight up, only got them to cooperate a little before I snapped the picture. As always, after a haircut I still need time to adjust to the change Sarcastic smile 

- have you considered bang with your next hair cut?
- what has been your favorite moments in your maternity leave?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Another dollar saved

Great news fellow iHerbers! Today I got an email informing me that iHerbs flat rate shipping option to Norway has been lowered from 6 US$ to 4 US$. Even more savings when ordering from iHerb.


Haven’t ordered from iHerb yet? The website is www.iHerb.com
First time orderer? Here’s a coupon code for further savings WGB528

Monday, April 8, 2013

Signs of Spring

The trees and bushes outside have started sprouting, my Pumas have found their way out of storage and already taken their first steps outside. Ahhh Spring has arrived!

Though I did get a negative reminder of Spring this weekend too. With the snow melting out comes the turds dog walkers have left during the Winter. Please dog people, pick up after your pets!

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