Monday, March 24, 2014

Is Spring finally here?

After getting myself updated on Facebook I realized there has been an excessive amount of Spring posts. Friends and family have been posting their first Spring sprouts. Is Spring finally here?

The weekend @CasaR has been spendt inside….with wind and local showers, playing outside was not an option.

- has Spring arrived where you live?

Friday, March 14, 2014

Pimp my Expedit, part two

A few days ago I posted about pimping up BabyS’ Expedit shelving unit. Coming across the post today, I realized I had forgotten a “small” detail…about the knobs I used for the Expedit door inserts. The knobs that come with the doors are small and simple.

imagepicture of the Expedit knobs, “borrowed” from IKEA

As I felt these were a little boring and too small for children fingers, I went online looking for options. I wound up buying from this Ebayer…crystal-like knobs

“crystal knobs”, picture borrowed from ebay

And the result was a more girly Expedit…super cute!

- did you just use the parts that came with your Expedit purchase? or have you done some pimping?

Another hat by TweedyBird

Have you seen the Norwegian Olympic beanie? If not, here is a Norwegian article about the popular accessory (with crocheting pattern suggestion).

The Norwegian Olympic beanie has been all the craze here in Norway lately. The supplier has been sold out of the yarns used for weeks. Well Tjorven posted in their blog, why not knit a similar beanie in angora? and since I just happened to have the yarn the recommended using for this pattern (bought at there clearance sale in February), I thought I would give it a try. An inspired beanie…

Being so sleepy these days, the beanie did take me two (!) evenings to complete. But very happy with the result though…

Photo 14.03.14 19 50 32
a turquoise angora beanie for me

The yarn used here was Angora Fino by BC garn. In the color AG04. The yarn can be bought @Tjorven.

- have you knitted the Norwegian Olympic beanie?

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Pimp my Expedit

Ages ago BabyS got a 5x5 Expedit shelving unit for her room. As she has gotten a few books that are taller than the 33x33cm cubes allowed, I wound up changing up the layout of the unit.

Normally a 5x5 unit looks like this:

picture borrowed from

To get the a cube bigger than the standard 33x33cm I choose to leave out one of the shelving plates in the corner cubes (top right corner). I put in a CD insert in the doubled up corner (unfortunately, this insert is no longer available from IKEA). The corner now looks like this:


I also bough a decal for measuring BabyS as she grows bigger, that I have attached to the side of the shelving unit. As you can see in the picture Hot smile The decal is bought online, but can’t remember form where…I think it was from Tinydeal though…Here if you want one.

Enough from me tonight…

- Have you made any changes to your IKEA Expedit? Feel free to share

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