Thursday, May 31, 2012

Last baby package

With the recent addition to our family I haven’t had time to actually publish this post until now…sorry
We picked up the last baby package from our local convenience store Rimi just before rushing to the hospital.
I’ve posted several blog post about all the free baby stuff you can get just by registering certain places.
Last on my list was the package from Rimi. By registering you get a voucher to use for pickup.
Photo 13 19 31 14.05.12
Photo 20 26 22 30.05.12
The package consisted of the following:
Between all the baby packages we have collected we had a nice start with what we needed for our babys arrival. Still I recommend going to the local pharmacies and convenience store to get a feel of who has what. So that when you have tried the different samples and get a feel of what brands you prefer, you know where to get more.
PS: You will need more diapers than what you get in these baby packages within a couple of days….

There’s a new sheriff in town

Sorry for my blog absence lately…there’s a new sheriff in town.


Thursday 24th  didn’t start off quite as I had expected…with my water breaking. Within hours contractions had begun and we were off to the hospital.

5AM the following morning little Sophie had entered our lives. So these days we are adjusting to all the changes. Hopefully we will soon have some grasp of the does and don’ts of our new family addition.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Yet another baby package…

A while back I posted about free baby stuff…here is yet another post about free baby stuff I’ve gotten.

This one is from Vitus apotek. This one has take some time to get, as they have been out of stock for months…

Photo 15 19 55 22.05.12

Just a short post of what the package included:

So if the contents is something you need, run and get your package at your local Vitus apotek! (before they run out of stock again….)

What is the Norwegian language coming to?

With the feeling of being a stranded whale lately I’ve spent a lot of time being a couch potato. And as a result of that I’ve had a lot of time to read quite a numerous amount of blogs and online news. I’ve never been a nag (at least I think so myself…) about correcting others spelling and grammar.

But lately…what has the Norwegian language come to??? Don’t “people” even try to use some kind of spell check before posting anything? Steaming mad

Kinda disappointed that reporters in major Norwegian newspapers can write articles with HUGE spelling and grammatical errors…

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Happy May 17th

(Just a short post today…)

Hipp, hipp, hurra

Wishing Norwegians all over the world a wonderful May 17th.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Time flies…

Can’t believe that I’m already one week into my maternity leave. Time sure flies…and the baby isn’t even here yet. Haven’t even had time to blog (!).

Thought that I would have better time when my maternity leave started. Since my midwife has been worried about me having preeklampsi I’ve had a few more check ups and follow ups than normal…just the last week I had THREE doctors appointments!

The past week has gone to some preparations for the coming baby…and just getting the house out of “renovation mode”.

Just to mention a few projects that have been going on the past week:

  • assembled the baby stroller
  • bought a wooden gazebo (still need to assemble though-see my earlier post)
  • getting the front patio washed and ready for a new season in the Sun (crossing our fingers that the Sun grants us some presence this summer)
  • finished putting down wooden flooring in the hallway on the 2nd floor and the wooden moldings are put in place
  • (finally) finished the last washing load of baby clothes and folded them nicely into the dresser in the nursery

Now if I can only find some time and inspiration to do some scrapping…

Sunday, May 6, 2012

More nursery stuff

When I ordered the butterfly decals for the babys nursery I also ordered another one. One with Winnie the Pooh and Tigger.

Tonight I finally I had time to put it up…not too bad if I say so myself


My sister-in-law gave us their old baby cot for the nursery. She had mentioned that her son had left some teething marks on the rails, but if we wanted it, it was ours.

I tried a little dab of paint to make the marks less visible, but soon realized that it was a loosing battle. Thanks to a tip from my friend I gave it a more creative angle…



I just stamped some strips of paper with stamps from “In the Garden” 12 x 12 stamp set from Fancy Pants. The Distress ink I used is “Seedless Preserves”  from the the Ranger seasonal fall set. The strips are than fastened to the cot using Noga teething rail for cots from IKEA. I was planning on doing this to all the sides, but I only have rails for one side.

Typically my luck, this rail is not available in any of the IKEA stores in the Oslo area. Now where am I gonna get two more Noga rails???

If you happen to live by any IKEA store that has this rail in stock, please contact me Winking smile Thanx

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Murphys Law rears it head again…

Just a few weeks ago I mentioned Murphys law for the first time in a post…once again it rears it's’ ugly head. This time in the form of bad weather.

I mentioned in a post I wanted a wooden gazebo for the front patio of our house, to provide shelter from the weather for our baby stroller.

Luck would have it, I found a wooden gazebo like the type I wanted at a VERY reasonable price. At just 1495 NOK it was way cheaper than any of the options I had found so far. But there was a catch…it had to be picked up in the city of Moss. Which is about an hours drive from Oslo. Manageable. and with a little help from my friend, we were able to pick it up Friday evening.

We even had such luck that by the time we went to pay for the gazebo, the price had fallen further, to 995 NOK!!! Because the item is being discontinued. Lucky we thought…we even got the last one they had in stock.

But when I woke up this morning, Murphy has struck. Several centimeters of snow had fallen during the morning hours and our front patio was now covered in snow…

Photo 17 20 28 05.05.12after a day in the Sun, a lot of snow has still not melted

The gazebo is originally not painted, but this blog did give me some inspiration.

Now just waiting for the snow to melt and give the patio a once over before assembling the gazebo…

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Another follow up…it’s free

This is another follow up post of the free baby stuff post I did a few weeks ago.

This time it’s about the Libero startboks. To receive this box you have to register with Liberoklubben. To get this box you get a gift certificate in the mail, that is used to pick up the box from any Kiwi store.

Photo 20 56 50 03.05.12

The package consisted of:

Now I have enough samples to make up an opinion about Libero products when the baby comes along.

The last baby package from Apotek1 seems to be harder to get a hold of then anticipated, as the package is out of stock everywhere.

A few days ago I also got the BAM package in the mail…

Photo 22 28 53 03.05.12

It consisted of the following (all sample size):

  • Dr Greve Allround cream
  • Blenda Sensitive laundry detergent
  • Libero diapers size 1 and size 2
  • Antibac gel
  • Philips Avent night pads
  • Philips Avent pacifier
  • Donald Duck pacifier clip
  • Bokklubbens ‘Bare spør’ book

Nice to haves in the diaperbag??? Smile with tongue out

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A little gift for a sweet little baby

Last week I visited my friend and colleague that gave birth to a baby boy a few short weeks ago.

Just so that she wouldn’t see her gift here before I gave her, this post is a little late.


The gift bag consisted of:

  • a baby blue crochet blanket
  • a little “meal” for mamma – that she has been craving most of her pregnancy
  • three Burago cars for big brother – can’t forget babys big brother

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I want, I want

At the front of our house  we have a patio, and there is just a small roof covering the front door. The plan is to build a roof over the front patio later on. But for now, as a temporary solution, we have landed on buying a wooden gazebo. This way we have a place to park the baby stroller when at home, without it being in the way and protected from the elements. Where do you park your stroller when at home? Is it in the way?

So far I’m surprised over how expensive they are!PlantasjenThis one costs 9990 NKR!!

the next one I find, more expensive than the last one…11990 NKR!

We haven’t set a budget for the gazebo, but I feel almost 10K NKR is a little on the expensive side…

from when we bought the house

last summer we did an overhaul of the flooring

Our house has a wooden exterior, so I feel a wooden gazebo will complement the exterior. Now starts the search for a wooden gazebo at a reasonable price. Wish me luck, I really want one…

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