Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Let there be light!

Winter is fast approaching and the hours of daylight we get here in Norway are getting fewer and fewer by the day. The winter darkness is approaching….

Well my sweet mother-in-law brought a cozy, little light into our home when visiting my grandmother-in-law up north – in Ørsta to be exact. Well I lit them up and sat down to catch up on my blog reading when babyS fell asleep.

let there be light

Nice how a little glass jar can be dressed up with a crocheted sleeve…

Thank you grandma for this little light in the darkness!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Who killed the neighbors' cat…


and left its’ remains in our shower?

Relax, even though our neighbors cat has a number of times left brown and stinking surprises in our backyard, it’s still alive and kicking. These are the remains left from washing my hair, once! Believe it or not I still have hair left on my head!

I expected that hair loss after giving birth to BabyS could occur – as hormones causes a great head of hair during the pregnancy. So when the pregnancy is over, the body “returns” to “normal” shedding the strands of hair I should have lost during the pregnancy  But this is ridiculous! It’s been almost four months. Shouldn’t things be returning to normal??? Shedding this amount of hair daily….at this rate my next blog post will be asking for recommendations to a good wig maker…

Monday, September 17, 2012

Turning a blind eye…

In our loft there are a few roof windows, and on sunny days our loft is way too bright. Not recommended brightness for the eyes. Well the other day we finally ordered blinds for our windows – online from And they were easy-peasy to mount – especially with their “Pick & click®” solution…Velux provides instructions with the blinds, but also a video on their website. Definitely recommendable…

IMG_2285one blind per window

Super happy with the result. When they are up you hardly notice they are there! Now time to think about the home cinema setup for this room =)

top – before (the pictures didn’t turn out great due to the sunlight)
bottom - after

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Beautiful Norway

Sorry for not posting for a while, the passed week has been spent in Ørsta – in northern Norway. And it was Baby S first road trip. So it required some planning on my part, what we “needed” to pack and what not as we had a packing limitation in our little car – a Citroën C3 (remember my post about our little car here?)

As we drove to Ørsta we got to see some of Norways’ beautiful scenery…caught some of it “on film” and thought I would share here…

RoadTrip2012Collagewith scenery like this the 10,5 hours drive was worth it…

For those wondering how the long drive went…we are happy to say it went great. Baby S slept most of the drive, only waking for feeds and diaper changes – and the occasional stretch we felt she should have.

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