Monday, June 8, 2015

DIY planner inserts

The past few months I have been using a paper planner. I haven’t been using a planner since my university days, but earlier this year I was reintroduced to the planner society. I never knew this community was so big!
Bilde 08.06.15, 12.25.38
Since getting back into planners I have joined a few Facebook groups and played around with my planner.
Not finding a planner page layout quite as I wanted it, I wound up making my own. All you need is a word processing software and some creativity and you're good to go! I used Microsoft word to create mine… As I use an A5 planner, it works great to make them in A4 and just scale down to A5 – printing two pages at a time! Cut in half and hole punch. I use a hole punch bough on AliExpress, this one to be exact. Like that the holes are adjustable – in case I ever change planner size. All other options I had available where too costly on the shipping front. So far I’ve punched quite a few pages and still working smoothly for me.
So far my planner consists of MO2P – month on two pages, and WO2P – week on tw pages. Both undated so just print as many as need be. After using them for a few months now I’m pretty happy with the layout.
I promised on one of the planner Facebook groups I’m in that I would blog and post online when I got the chance. So better late than never Smilefjes som blunker
The files I have uploaded is in Norwegian, but the pdfs are editable - I think - so you can change the text using Adobe Reader – let me know if that is not the case. I don’t have Reader available on the computer now so can’t verify before posting this.
I purposely left out any coloring as I decorate my pages using washi, colorful pens, stickers and cute post-its. So here they are:
- Week on two pages (WO2P)
- Month on two pages (MO2P)
And here a few decorated examples from in my planner….
Bilde 08.06.15, 13.50.37… the month of May
Bilde 08.06.15, 13.51.01
… a week in May
Well off to decorate the pages for the next two weeks as I will be travelling and not bringing my “planner stash”…
- do you decorate your planner pages?
- storebought or DIY planner pages?
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