Monday, November 26, 2012

Branded by me

A while back I ordered woven clothing labels to put on my knitted projects. Partly because it would be really cool to have a way to brand everything I’ve made. Partly because marking front and back on my knitted projects was sought after.

Well I received my order from Hong Kong just before the weekend. Ordering the same woven labels from Norway in the design I wanted was just too costly.


I ordered my labels from a seller on Ebay. I’m super happy with the quality and the color rendering. So I can definitely recommend this “store”.

Now off to brand all my latest projects…

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Make a wish…

Christmas is just around the corner and had to wrap my head around Christmas gifts. Luckily some gifts are already bought or almost bought. But still have a few persons left, that I have no idea what to get…

Well I thought I would be smart this year, and post CasaRs’ wish list here…in an attempt to distribute it to friends and family quick and easy…lets see how this works…Have tried putting in pictures and links to stores I know have the product.

Will try to update if anything else comes to mind…
Updated 24/11 with more practical wishes…
Updated 28/11 with DaddyOs electronic additions…
Updated 29/11 with stuff for BabyS
Updated 01/12 with great value Kenwood offer

In advance, thank you for considering buying us a Christmas gift– but remember it’s the thought that counts.

If an item has a ‘check - check’ behind it, somebody has already fulfilled this wish. Thank you wonderful Red heart family and friends Red heart.

Cast Iron Casserole in black – want the “Favorit” 5,5l from IKEA (but can’t find it??)
Kenwood Major mixer
Mink fur blanket in dark brown (199,- Kid Interiør)
Steamboat cooker, electric (bought in Asian stores ex. A-Marked in Torggata, Oslo)
~7” Mortar & pestle (bought in Asian stores ex.A-market in Torggata, Oslo)
Came across this great offer @Elkjøp:
Kenwood Major mixer (900W) w/ two bowls (steel and plastic), meat grinder, blender and three different hooks.
Unfortunately offer is only good thru this week (last day is Saturday Dec. 1st 2012) Will keep an eye out for similar offers which lasts longer, and update here…
Update Dec 2nd 2012: the offer is still good @Elkjøp
Pierre Robert Wool Collection - Long Sleeve Top size S/M
Some crafting supplies I’ve been drooling over…



Jeans size 34/34 (length/width)
Batistini Corduroy pants (available @Dressmann) size 34/34 (length/width)


Wood rocking horse (gyngehest) check
Baby sledge (akebrett) check
Sippy cups, both with handles and without – bonus if they have some cool patterns
Junior Duvet with down feathers (100 x 140cm) check
Some cool/cute duvet cover sets, like these (for junior size duvet size 100x140cm)

Clothes size 68 and/or 74:
Long sleeve wool bodies
Wool pantyhose
Pajamas with feet

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ella, Ella, Ella

I’ve hopped on the latest craze amongst friends and family, Ella’s kitchen organic baby food.

picture borrowed from

What I love about these is the packaging and the combinations for flavors/ingredients. So far BabyS is still just tasting different things…so she doesn’t eat a whole bottle at a time. But when she does … MommyS will have a bottle ready in BabyS’ diaper bag. Smile with tongue out

After doing some recon on prices in the local grocery stores I found that the there are two “flavors” that are widely available - The Red One and The Green One, are the cheapest ones. At only 8 Norwegian krones pr. bottle.

Consists of: Apples, pears, bananas and kiwi Strawberries, raspberries, apples and bananas

Unfortunately if you want the other varieties available, they are almost double the price. Well I came across a blog that recommended to buy from the website Where they had many flavors to choose from at about 2 US$ pr. bottle.

My notes on buying from iherb
If you buy for less than 200 Norwegian krones –> no customs fees (yay!)
Shipping is flat rate, cheapest option = 6 US$ just remember to keep weight under 4 pounds/1816 grams
Don’t forget to use a coupon code if you’re a first time buyer, and get 5 US$ off  (Don’t have one? here’s one: WGB528)

A quick calculation from…
10 x Ella’s kitchen = 22 US$
Shipping = 6 US$
Discount = 5 US$
Total = 23 US$ = ~140 NKr (with November exchange rate)

compared to Ella’s kitchen bought in a local grocery store…
10 x Ella’s kitchen = 150-220 NKr also has another brand that is very similar to Ella’s kitchen, called Happy Baby. These have many similar flavors to Ella’s kitchen, and they are even cheaper! At only 1,50 US$ pr. bottle.

Well I placed my order today. Estimated shipping to Norway is about a week. So look forward to receiving my first package and testing the different flavors on BabyS.

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