Monday, October 14, 2013


Sorry for being so absent lately. Between being sick myself and BabyS being sick I don’t have much energy left over.

Just wanted to do a small post about the super cool lamp I bought for BabyS room.

It’s called Buddy Space and is part of the series MyKidsRoom by Philips. MyKidsRoom is a new series of lamps designed for kids rooms. The store I bought our Buddy told me they had only had this new series in stock for a week and where almost all sold out already. While I was paying for my lamp two more customers where in line to pay for lamps in the same series. Guess Philips hit the nail on the head with this design series.


BabyS’ new Space Buddy

(I don’t get paid to talk about products, just wanted to share)

there are way more lamps in the series, but the Philips website was down when I was writing this post…

Now I just need to confirm a date with the electrican to have it installed…

- have you come over any laps you like lately?
- what do you think of the new series by Philips?

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