Friday, September 30, 2016

Some here and there

After being sick the past week I haven’t had time to write a post on the things I finished before I fell ill.

Been playing around with a new monthly layout in my planner… I’m just not happy with all the work I have to put in every month and the general layout. I posted about my previous monthly layout here. My new monthly layout is a fold-out version inspired by DIYfish. I used a monthly calendar scaled down for printing from (I just need to find a sticker of some kind to cover the timeanddate logo in the top left corner Smile with tongue out)

Bilde 29.09.2016, 22.36.59

Bilde 29.09.2016, 22.37.14

Bilde 29.09.2016, 22.37.04

updated pictures of my new monthly layout

I see I haven’t posted about the change in my weekly layouts either…changed them a while back. So here is a picture of the layout I’ve been using lately…plain and simple.

Bilde 30.09.2016, 20.55.49
last week

I changed the weekly layout when I found that I just needed more space to write. As an early (or late) Christmas/birthday for myself, I bought me an Polaroid zip printer. So now I can hopefully print some pictures to my weekly layouts and have more of a memory planner touch to my planner.

You can read more about the Polaroid zip here, and buy it here (Norwegian store).

Memory planners is a concept that is fairly like scrapbooking – document your memories on a daily/weekly basis. All who know me in person know I’ve been scrapping for a while. So memory planners are just up my alley. (I haven’t scrapped for a while now….ever since SweetieL was born the day just isn’t long enough to do all I want and still get enough sleep). Heidi Swapp has some beautiful memory planners. Lots of videos about memory planners on Youtube. Like this one(by Heidi Swapp herself) or this one (by Tiffany Julia, her blog here).

- how do you document your memories?

Friday, September 23, 2016

Upgraded Mommy & Me project

With SweetieS growing…she’s already 4 years old! The need to upgrade her bling jacket I made a while back is due..The one I knitted for SweetieS after I had made one for myself (original post here).

So this week I started to look a patterns and how to make a new one slightly larger. I had som yarn left over from the first two jackets, so I thought I would have enough for one more….

Bilde 14.09.2016, 21.48.08how cute is that Hello kitty measuring tape =)

or so I thought…off to the yarn store for one skein of Drops Alpaca….

Will post a finished picture as soon as I finish …until then have a nice weekend!

- fall has come to Norway, how are you enjoying your days?

Monday, September 5, 2016

The case of the travelling suitcase

This past Summer I went on a short trip to New York with my mummy. I was thinking this could be the start of a yearly mother-daughter tradition. I’ve always envied my friends that had such a tradition with their mothers. Better late than never to start such a nice tradition.

Our trip started as any other trip…at the airport. It was very anti climatic to board a Norwegian plan without wifi…as Norwegian informs of on their website (here). After several trips to Singapore with Singapore airlines, I’ve been accustomed to pretty nice inflight entertainment. So in my eyes, Norwegians offer was pretty poorly executed.

Due to heavy showers in New York our flight landed later than scheduelled. And to top it off, my suitcase hadn’t made our transfere flight. Due to the dreaded SSSS. I didn’t realise at the time, but my suitcase had been check in under my mothers name, and she had been tagget with SSSS. For those of you who have never heard of the SSSS-tag. It is a extra security check for travellers to the United Stated.

Long story short….my suitcase spendt an extra month travelling after I had finished my four day trip to New York. This weekend I FINALLY got my suitcase back. Only to open my locked suitcase to find that several things were gone! If only my suitcase could talk and give me the whole story….

Now to go thru the loops and formalities of making a claim…

- How was your experience with delayed baggage?

The first of many?

Not sure yet…but hoping this is the first of many future knitting projects that I can tag “my sister & me”.

I thought I had posted this picture of my latest project…tunicas for SweetieS and BabyL.

Bilde 07.07.2016, 20.30.41

Well since this picture was taken a while ago, I have actually finished this project!

Bilde 04.09.2016, 11.00.43

I modified the Starshine pattern by Garnstudio…with shorter sleeves and longer body I ended up with a tunica style sweater for the girls.

For this project I used Drops Karisma for the first time.The edge at the bottom, sleeve and neck were knitted in the color Petrol cerise (75), I used less than two skeins for both tunikas. The stripes are made up of Petrol (73) and Lavendel(74). For both tunicas I used about 5 skeins of each color.

Both for future reference…maybe not making stripes like these. There were SO many loose threads to finish. I had to fasten the threads over the course of several evenings.

Now going to catch me some Pokemons before I start my next project…

- have you caught them all? (yes, that’s a nerdy Pokemon reference)

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