Monday, September 5, 2016

The first of many?

Not sure yet…but hoping this is the first of many future knitting projects that I can tag “my sister & me”.

I thought I had posted this picture of my latest project…tunicas for SweetieS and BabyL.

Bilde 07.07.2016, 20.30.41

Well since this picture was taken a while ago, I have actually finished this project!

Bilde 04.09.2016, 11.00.43

I modified the Starshine pattern by Garnstudio…with shorter sleeves and longer body I ended up with a tunica style sweater for the girls.

For this project I used Drops Karisma for the first time.The edge at the bottom, sleeve and neck were knitted in the color Petrol cerise (75), I used less than two skeins for both tunikas. The stripes are made up of Petrol (73) and Lavendel(74). For both tunicas I used about 5 skeins of each color.

Both for future reference…maybe not making stripes like these. There were SO many loose threads to finish. I had to fasten the threads over the course of several evenings.

Now going to catch me some Pokemons before I start my next project…

- have you caught them all? (yes, that’s a nerdy Pokemon reference)

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