Monday, April 28, 2014

Heads-up! Yarn sale right around the corner

In a knitting mood these days. So thought I would let my readers know of the sale Drops announced over the weekend. 35% off all wool yarns. So go get your projects in a row and start hoarding come May. Engel
28-04-2014 12-53-5226 types of yarns to choose from – wohoo!
After finally finishing up the stroller bag I gave away to Hoaneypoos baby boy (here), I’ve taken on another project…a “sleeve” for the stroller bag I already have. The stroller bag I have is a little dated…as it was bought when my big sister was born…33 years(!) ago. Thanks Mummy for hanging on to it for so long! Well with it’s  red Scottish pattern I feel it’s time to update it…
Photo 28.04.14 18 46 36
here’s a picture of it as it has been the last few decades…
I don’t intend on making a stroller bag like the one I made for Hoaneypoo….just a lined sleeve for a stroller bag I already have. The above mentioned bag works just fine, just needs a little updating. This way I have less work ahead and might even finish before my due date. Spring has come to Oslo and great for evenings outside knitting…
I’ve seen there’s a trend starting with other knittable bloggers posting pictures of their knitted stroller bags. Guess RisaRosa had to get some competition sooner or later. How can you not fall in love with their bags?
Here are some of the ones I’ve come across, I just had to share their beautiful creations:
(Sorry to my International readers, these posts are in Norwegian – but they are for inspirational purposes only, please respect the copyrights attatched)
- Hestvold (with pattern – though in Norwegian)
- Mamma Solveig
- Speiltvillingene
This time I’m giving Drops Alaska a go (bought @Drops previous yarn sale). I’ve never knitted with this yarn before, but so far things are looking good.
Again I’ve drawn inspiration from RisaRosa, Drops and my creative self. Will post pictures as soon as I’m done.
- do you have a favorite Drops wool yarn?
- have you started knitting a stroller bag?

Monday, April 21, 2014

Knitted stroller bag

I’ve been drooling over the stroller bags made by RisaRosa. Who wouldn’t??? But at 3000NOK I couldn’t bring myself to order one.
down bags with cable knit by RisaRosa
But I have been contemplating making my own…after A LOT of planning and surfing the web after tips on how to make a stroller bag, I felt I had a good starting point. With 20 skeins of Lana Grossa yarn called ‘Ragazza Lei’ in a grey color (color code 031) I started my own version of a stroller bag. But as I was starting to finish up I realized that a grey stroller bag wasn't very coordinated with my brown/cream stroller…what was I thinking when I bought grey wool yarn???
With my best friend Hoaneypoo just giving birth to a baby boy, I asked if she wanted the finished bag. And she was super happy with the bag.
I did my bag with a mix of cable knit and moss stitch…StrollerBag
- ever knit a stroller bag?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Some baby tips from me

With friends having their first baby left and right, I‘ve been asked for tips of baby must haves. These are just my tips from my experiences with BabyS…all babies are different and some things works better than others.

Dry wipes:

BabyS bottom didn’t like the “chemicals” in wet wipes, so we changed to dry wipes to use with plain tap water. Even with dry wipes there are tons to choose from…from normal priced to very cheap…

Brand Mesoft Vidi Dermica Unik Sensitiv
Comment Available also abroad…just ask for non-woven swabs Vitus apotek have offers on this brand often: 5 for 100 NOK Bought these 50% off,haven’t had a chance to use them yet. Tried these at a friends house, just like the Vidi ones.
Approx. pricing 30 NOK 29 NOK 28 NOK 18 NOK
Available @ Most pharmacies Vitus apotek Apotek 1 Kiwi grocery stores

All these come in 100 wipes per package and measure 10 x 10cm. Also great for using with baby oil.

The above dry wipes I used while BabyS  was very sensitive to everything that come in contact with her skin. As she got more “sturdy” we changed to a more coarse dry wipe. Mostly because these were better to use when her poo was harder to wipe away.

Brand/Name Smart 365 Softstar Coop X-tra
Picture image
Comment (Couldn’t find picture of the packaging – so here is the logo) Been ages since I bough a packet, after hoarding “3 for 2 offer” Like these better, as the have “grooves” – better to wipe off food left overs.
Approx. pricing 40 NOK 35 NOK 20 SEK
Available @ ICA grocery stores Rimi grocery stores Coop stores in Sweden

The packages come in 250 wipes per package with a guesstimated size of 15 x 17 cm. Please note that these wipes have a more coarse surface…so not suitable for a newborns sensitive skin.

“Personal care”:

Diaper cream/ Zinc cream: After using different brands, we prefere “Dr. Greve Pharma sinksalve”. Just the right consistency for us.

Diaper cream: Bepanthen ointment by Beyer. Great for a serious rash.

Foam soaps wash out faster than regular soaps. Great when you have a impatient baby waiting.

Medela Purelan – lanolin ointment for mommy's’ soar nipples (from breast feeding). I bought the smallest tube and had more than enough for my usage.

Liquid bile soap: natural and can be used on the most delicate clothes. Worked wonders on our wool and bamboo clothes.

Clothes – for baby:

- Bodies that can be wrapped instead of pulled over the head was great for first timers like us. A newborns body sometimes feel like jelly, and placing a baby on top of the body and just wrapping around…And when your baby does a poo-volcano (poo is everywhere!…from the diaper, up the back, all the way up to the neck) it’s very relieving not having to pull the crap over baby’s head. Or like my colleagues tip, using scissors to cut of the body.

Of course what clothes to put on your baby depends on the season/weather. Always dress your baby accordingly.

- Mittens…Babies have the smallest nails and easily bruise their sensitive skin. Socks can also be used in a pinch Winking smile 

For mommies:

A while back I posted about my newfound love for Pierre Roberts wool tops. Great when nursing and keeps the chest nice and warm, at least when the temperature in Norway start dropping below 10°C.

Large gauze towels. Super absorbent and multi use. We used our to cover up when feeding, washing, wiping, as bibs, padding, blankets….pretty much everything. We bought our super cheap @Jysk, but they discontinued this line since we bought ours. I bought a new batch when I was in Singapore. I have later also found them on Ebay, just search for ‘gauze towels’ or “gauze diapers”. Just remember to check the size. Ours were pretty large, measuring a 72 x 72 cm.

Water bottles – filled and stored in the fridge. Important to replenish when breast feeding.

Some tips to start with.
- what would be you tip about?

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