Friday, August 22, 2014

For a baby boy

I’ve been trying to be consistent when it comes to gifts for my soon-to-be parents-friends. I think I’ve managed so far…

Well today I meet up with my friend that has just had her third baby. As the first of my friends having a third child I had to go into the think tank and find something fun and creative. I turned to my newly found love, Pintrest for inspiration. It had to be something that I could make/buy while BabyL is sleeping or I can bring her along. I found this cool diaper motorcycle! I just had to give it a try….

Drum roll please…


On top of the motorcycle is Elly the bashful elephant by Jellycat. (the recipient of this motorcycle asked for Elly for her newborn) These stuffed toys are super soft and cuddy. SweetieS loves her bashful lion, while BabyL has a bunny for when she is in need of a cuddly buddy.

Instead of using a baby bottle for the headlights, I used a package of nipples for when her baby starts drinking “velling” (a type of watery porridge – very popular in Sweden) that I know her boys love.

Hope she likes this gift…

- what do you give to your friends when they become parents?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wishlist Christmas 2014

Done some thinking…here are some of the things we need/want for CasaR this Christmas

Thank you family and friends for fulfilling our wants and needs Red heart 

Update September 22nd: Added a few things I want for the girls
Update October 28th: A few more things for the girls
Update November 19th: More stuff for the girls
Update November 30th: Gifts all around

imageFor us allimage

Rosendahl Grand Cru pasta plates
Note: not the Grand Cru Soft series – that’s another Rosendahl serie

External portable hard drive – size 3TB
Like this one by Seagate

Christmas curtains, going for simple and elegant.
Like these from Hansen & Dysvik
3 of these “Perla Gardin Rød – size 140x160cm”

Hair cutter, wireless
Jeans, size: length-32”, width-34”
Cotton T-shirts, size L
Deo sticks – Hugo
Boxers, size L
Socks, plain black (“dressokker”), size 42-45

Twilight Forever DVD boxset
Pierre Robert Wool Collection Wool Top and Wool Long Sleeve, size S/M
IKEA Senior cast iron casserole, 5l size
Kari Traa Rose Wool set: Long Sleeve and  Pant, size S/M (colors Rose, Wildberry or Cinder)
Sharpie Ultra Fine Permanent markers, the 24-color pack.


Chicco Animal cottage
Lego basic deluxe set
  Two piece pajamas
  CD with Norwegian children songs
    Karsten & Petra DVD
- TV-series: Season 1 & 2
and the movies: “Karsten og Petra blir bestevenner”
”Karsten og Petra på vinterferie”
Pierre Robert Young Collection Wool
size: 98-104
- wool long sleeve
- wool longs


  Bath towels with hood
  Toddler size backpack
  Toddlerfriendly drinking bottles, like these @iherb
22.09gyngesau “Rocking sheep”
this cutie is available @CoopObs
Note: please no longhaired sheep
Jellycat, Bashful Bunny in grey
Size 31cm

Early bird?

(a little screenie from a fun phone game/app – cutie)

The other day my brother-in-law asked me what our Christmas gift wishes were. He thought he would be an early bird this year, and get his Christmas shopping over with already. Only problem…I have no idea what we need/want yet.

So time to start thinking….

- have you started your Christmas shopping

Monday, August 11, 2014

I love these

crib bumpers by Smallstuff! The traditional crib bumpers that you get in Noreay is no match for SweetieS weight. Before she moved to a bigger bed she would stand along the sides of the bumper and push together the bumper, leaving a pile of “stuff” along the crib sides. I came across Smallstuff crib lines about two years ago, at a storage sale. So I bought this nifty crib bumper for just 250kr! which is cheap for this type of bumper I now know – because I wanted to get one for BabyL, as the one for SweetieS has moved with her to her big bed. The cheapest one I found was at or (portals to lekmer). And with a few gift certificates I had @cdon and lekmers Summersale, I only paid for S&H (shipping and handling).

Here is SweetieS bumper on a IKEA Hemnes Daybed. I don’t think this one is available anymore. But it is lavender colored with white stars on one side, and the reverse on the other side – the side that is pictured below.

And here is BabyLs bumper on her “inherited” IKEA Gulliver crib. It is almost the same design as SweetieS, just that the stars are multicolored.

What I love about these bumpers is that there is no need to tie them onto the crib. The bumper is 4cm thick and can stand on its own as it is filled with foam and not fabric. They are 30cm high and 360cm long, thus fitting perfect along three of three side in SweetieS bigger bed. Can’t recommend these enough. Just love them!

- What is your crib lined with?
- Did you know that Smallstuff also have other wonderful products?

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