Friday, May 17, 2013

Hipp, hipp hurra

hurra hurra!

Just dropped by to wish all fellow Norwegians a wonderful Constitution Day.

Happy May 17th

As BabyS is so little we decided to have a calm day at home, enjoying the wonderful sunshine on our pation with the TV on (switched to NRK2) to watch the children's parade in downtown Oslo.

- how did you spend you day?

and I’m off to enjoy some more ice cream….

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hoping to win another giveaway

While surfing around the World Wide Web in Blogglandia, I came across a sweet Norwegian knitting blog. Check out Synnøves’ blogg ‘with 100% love’ and enter to win a little giveaway.


- have you come across any blogs that caught your interest right away? 
- how do you find new blogs to follow?

Finally some order

Today I finally got a hold of the baskets I wanted for BabyS’ changing table. We have had a IKEA Gulliver changing table for BabyS since she came into our lives. In the beginning there wasn’t much stuff in the shelves. But after almost a year all necessities are covered (I think). Along with more stuff in the shelves beneath came more clutter. So happy to finally get the baskets I wanted from Jysk – they have been out of stock for months! – I totally forgot to take a before picture….I just started organizing…

IMG_3985now we finally have some order

The baskets measure 32 x 44 x 22 cm and are called Shire. I was actually lucky enough to get the baskets while they were on sale, so I got them for about half off what I had initially expected. Yay!

With the baskets being out of stock for so long, it has taken a long time to get all our stuff in order. Better late than never I guess…

- how have you organized your changing table?
- what do you have easily accessible by your changing table?

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Free stuff @iHerb

Once again I forgot to claim some free stuff when placing my iHerb order….

A while back I came across a blog mentioning the free samples when ordering from iHerb. Well everytime I do place an order I forget to check out the free samples. They add new products all the time. So here is a friendly reminder from me to you, remember to check out the free samples area here when placing an order. You might come across something great.

In need of a coupon code for a little discount on your first iHerb order?

iHerbWGB528here you go!

- what have you gotten in free samples from iHerb?

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