Monday, October 10, 2016

Teddy playgroup

Last week I arrived at SweetieS’ wardrobe like a big question mark. At her in-door wardrobe hung a big bag with a teddy bear and a big binder with blank pages. On further inspection, the binder belonged to Teddy. After talking to the employees I found that Teddy is a bear that belongs to the kindergarten and every week a child is picked at random to take home Teddy. In his binder you/your child documents what you have been doing the past days.

When we came home DaddyO were like “did they get inspired from Peppa Pig?” I probably missed that episode…but here it is the episode if you are interested in getting some background info about the concept.

Bilde 07.10.2016, 16.05.56Needless to say SweetieS was pretty excited about getting Teddy home.

Luckily this weekend we had plans and we weren’t the most boring family in the word….SweetieS wanted a page for each day we had Teddy visiting. So 3 pages in total! Let us just say there were al ot of hand drawn flowers on each page…

- does your kindergarten have a mascot that your kid can bring home?

Friday, October 7, 2016

Planner archiving

This week I suddenly got the urge to look at storage options for my used planner pages. After my post about using my planner to document more memories (post here) I realized that now I really can’t throw away my old pages. With the planner community so big, I started “reasearching” how others do it.

I wanted a solution that;
- wasn’t too bulky, as I will be using planners years to come
- doesn’t take up too much space
- easy to look up/flip thru
- wouldn’t break the bank

I ordered a 6 ring folder of Ali a while back that I have used to keep my past planner pages if my planner was getting full (this one…). It has been very practical as it had 6 rings just like my planner(s). I thought about buying more of this folder to organize my “planner past”. But I soon realized that it would be too bulky. I only use week on two pages and monthly pages to the folder would be too big for a year of pages, and (I think) too small for two years. This solution might work for some…just not me. So back to the drawing board.

Yesterday I think I landed om a solution that fullfills my “wishlist”. And it is as simple as it is cheap, as I already had all the supplies I needed.

You need;
- transparency sheets
- exacto knif (or similar)
- elastic string
- some imagination

I designed a simple cover and printed on transparency sheets using my trusty laser printer. I lined up a page of my planner and marked of the holes. Using my exacto knife I cut slits where the holes are and feed the string thru.

Bilde 07.10.2016, 08.28.34

And there you go, a flipable archive.

- how do you store/archive your planner past?

Monday, October 3, 2016

“Just the 3 of us”

I finally finished and remembered to take some pictures. This weekend I finished sewing on the buttons and fastening the last loose threads. So the jackets are ready for use. Just in the nick of time if you ask me. Temperatures here in Oslo have dropped below 10 degrees Celsius and the mornings here at home are starting at just a few degrees above zero.
Bilde 01.10.2016, 22.38.54
Just the 3 of us: mine, SweetieS and SweetieL
As I mentioned in the post when I started, these jackets are knitted with a thread of Drops Alpaca and a thread of Marks & Kattens Fame trend Paljett yarn. The jackets are more white than the impression from the picture above. The color code are the same for all three jackets. Drops Alpaca in the color natur (color code: 0100), Marks & Kittens Fame Trend sequins yarn in white (color code: 683) and I used knitting needles in the sizes 4mm and 5mm.
Now off to finish a project I started with yarn I have left over from previous projects…hats for SweetieS and SweetieL.
- what are you doing on these chilly Autumn days?
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