Friday, October 26, 2012

Going all woolly…

These days the temperature here at “the top of Oslo” has dropped below zero degrees Celsius. And here in Norway we have a saying: “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing”. Being a mother with maternity leave I have a lot of time off to walk with BabyS in her stroller – in the increasingly colder weather. Well the other day a friend of mine recommended Pierre Robert Wool Collections tops.

I got a hold of a few tops the other day. And now I can say Love  THEM! They are made of a wool and silk blend, and super thin…therefore not bulky beneath whatever I decide to wear.

What I love about these tops…
Like the design is plain and simple…no granny-feeling here.
LikeThey are available in beautiful colors…(I think I have all the available colors already-shhh don’t tell DaddyO)…I’ve seen these colors in the stores: black, nature (an off-white nuance), brown, grey, aqua (a marine blue version) and color I think is called port (a dark purple-red-ish color).
LikeThey are also available in sleeveless and with long sleeve…whatever rocks your boat.

the sleeveless version

with long sleeves

pictures borrowed from the Pierre Robert website

LikeOne of the great qualities of wool is its’ ability to transport away moisture, thereby keeping you warm.
Like Wool also has a self-cleaning ability, so if you just air out after use you can use the clothes more than a day before washing. Perfect for a new mum like me…finding time to do the laundry isn’t always easy with a baby around. Or is that just me procrastinating???

Like And the elasticity is the blend makes these tops perfect for a breastfeeding mum like me.

DislikeOnly down side I can come up with, is the price. Wool clothing isn’t particularly cheap here in Norway, and Pierre Robert isn’t an exception. But they are widely available, as they are available in most convenience stores. Some stores also have regularly sales on Pierre Robert clothes, so checking around can save you some money.

These days I don’t go anywhere without one of these underneath… Have you tried Pierre Robert Wool Collection? What do you think about the clothes available?

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Add some freshness to your day

A while back I posted about getting a lot of chewing gum. Well after trying it myself and having DaddyO bring some to work I can just say it brings a feeling of freshness to your mouth. Have you tried Wrigley's Extra Professional?

I like the freshness the gum gives me when chewing after a meal. Beats having to brush my teeth after eating. And believe me, since I breastfeed BabyS, I eat all the time. Also, the minty taste lasts forever! Got tired of chewing before the taste went away.

With such a strong minty flavor I don’t have to worry about having bad breath either. Can recommend this gum for some freshness any day…

IMG_0870[1]a picture from DaddyOs’ workplace

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Yellow minion

Today a little yellow minion moved in to our home. He’s moved in to help us clean our home.

would be cool if he looked like these guys…super cute

Our new little friend is a Kärcher DS 5600 vacuum cleaner. Love the fact that it uses water instead of a bag to collect up the dust it sucks in. This way less particles come out in the other end. HEPA filter or no HEPA filter. Well the DS5600 also has a HEPA filter on top of the water filter…

With our old vacuum cleaners I was always frustrated that the air was saturated with dust particles after a round with the vacuum. I couldn’t wait to test out my new buddy…and after going over all three floors of our home – no sneezing of all the dust in the air. I’m a happy camper. DS5600 did the job!

Here he is, the Kärcher DS5600
picture borrowed from

What kind of vacuum cleaner do you have?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fonts galore

Once again I have been playing around with the design of this blog. This time I added a signature file to every blog post. Played around with a few fonts and colors and wound up with this signature…Like it? SignTBgraa

While playing around, I came over a new site for free fonts, a nice collection of some cool free fonts. Have added more than a handful of new fonts to my already bountiful  collection. Can’t hurt to have too many fonts?


Doesn’t hurt that Windows 7 makes it so easy to install new fonts either. Just open a .ttf and there’s a Install-button on the top left side of the window. Can’t complain about that. How many fonts will you install???

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Snowflakes keep falling on my head

Today I woke up to snow!


Though the temperature is not cold enough for the snow to stick…The first snow has arrived!

I hope you are prepared…have you change to winter tires on your car(s)?

Saturday, October 13, 2012

A little dress for a little girl

I finally finished my first knitted garment…a little dress for BabyS.

I fell totally in love with these two little dresses by Pickles

Dress 1 Dress 2
image image
Pictures borrowed from the Pickles website  
Link to pattern: Link to pattern:

Well looking at the knitting patterns I realized that “dress 1” was too difficult for this inexperienced knitter. Well “dress 2” is knitted with a more coarse yarn than I wanted to knit with. In conclusion, I wanted to knit a dress that had elements from both. With both patterns at hand I started…hoping for the best.

While I was knitting the dress I got even more inspired when I came across this blog post. Why not add something extra?? Adding “a little heart” can’t be that difficult…

a few Red hearts for inspiration

And here’s the result!


IMG_2502not too bad for my first attempt at a garment if I do say so myself…

A few things I learned during this project:
- Always jot down how far you’ve come – you never know when BabyS suddenly will require all your attention
- Don’t knit in poor lighting – chances of knitting something wrong is way bigger
- If in doubt about a knitting technique, check out these videos

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Natures fall color palette

It’s official, fall is here.

This week I was out strolling with BabyS and she was totally mesmerized by all the beautiful colors that surrounded us. I recommend taking a stroll in the Norwegian woods these days. It really is beautiful…

IMG_0861[1]some of the color palette on my stroll…

Well the summer is over for sure. These days there is more wind and rain than there are sunny days. Though the temperature has still not dropped below 10°C. So these days I’m trying to cram in as many strolls with BabyS as the weather allows.

All I can say, get on some warm clothes and go out and enjoy Norway!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Buzz, buzz, buzz

Being a Buzzador means I frequently get the option of participating in different “marketing campaigns “. This means I get free stuff I can share with friends and family, what’s better than that?

Today I picked up my latest package from Buzzador…3 kilos of chewing gum!! Personally I don’t chew much gum, but DaddyO does… So he gets a box to bring to work. This way he can share with his colleagues too. Well off to plan some more sharing (or buzzing as we Buzzadors call it)

IMG_2437that’s a lot of gum

Contact me if you canna know more about being a Buzzador – the concept is too much to describe in a blog post. Wanna become a Buzzador? Sign up on there web site here

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