Thursday, June 19, 2014

A roof over my head

Today our new roof was finished! Yay! I’ve been longing for a roof at the front of our house for ages. When I had my maternity leave with BabyS it was even more sought after. Coming home from a long stroll with the stroller I had no place to park the stroller protected from the elements.

For those who have followed my blog the past years probably remember our attempt at a roof with a gazebo at the front of our house. Unfortunately the gazebo didn’t like a huge amounts of snow that falls down here at “the top of Oslo”. And broke under the heavy, wet snow.


The company that built this roof for us is Andreassen og Fjeld Bygg AS. Super happy with these guys. Every day they cleaned up after themselves – so no worries that BabyS would get her hands on anything dangerous. A dialog with them daily gave us updates on that was done and what was left.

Already started a new dialog with them regarding the patio on the backside of our house – that is in desperate need of some “help”…

- have you done any renovation on your house lately?

Crocheted square baskets

I’ve seen many round crocheted baskets, but I wanted a square one for my cabinet. I came across the blog by Bekki Bjarnoll and this post with pattern for square baskets. Inspired by this blog post I gave it a go. Though I didn’t follow Bekkis’ pattern.
I started with 15 slip stitches (sl st) and worked round and round with double crochets (dc). In the place where I wanted the corners to be, I double up on dc. When the bottom is the size of the basket I wanted, I started working my way up. In the corners I skipped a dc. When I had the height I wanted for my basket I finished of with a sl st – to get a straight edge.
I used black (color 15) Paris yarn by Drops. It’s a 100% cotton yarn. For one basket I used two skeins of yarn with a 4mm needle. Fits perfect into my IKEA Skär shoe cabinet – seems like this shoe cabinet has been discontinued by IKEA. Sad smile
IMG_5400please don’t mind the mess…I’m getting to it…
Though it’s called a shoe cabinet, we don’t store shoes in the drawers. The drawers are filled with outdoor accessories for BabyS and BabyL – like scarves, mittens, hats etc…This cabinet is mounted against the wall in our hallway.
- have you crochet any baskets? square or round ones?
- how do you store your outdoor accessories?

Some finishing touches

With BabyL coming a week before her due date and BabyS celebrating her 2 year birthday, things have been somewhat hectic the past month. The other day while BabyL was sleeping I finished attaching the decals for her room.


I got these decals super cheap on Ebay. There are SO many beautiful and cute decals available. They are easy to put up and can be changed super easy. This time I went with a pink teddy and a sleeping monkey….

For some reason the decals wouldn’t stick quite as wells as on the walls in BabyS room. After going online, I got the tip to use some watered down wood glue on the backside of the decals. That way the decals wouldn’t be permanent and leave no residue when removed later.

Still have a few things that need to go into BabyLs room…but with the decals up, I’m one step closer to personalizing this nursery too.

- when did you finish decorating your babys nursery?
- do you use decals?

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sticking it

Being a Buzzador, I get to try out new stuff from time to time. This time I got to try out the new Post-its from 3M.

These are extra sticky compared to the regular Post-its. So should stick to any surface for much longer. Since I’ve started my maternity leave I haven’t had a chance to use these in an office setting. But have sent a few with BabyS lunch boxes and the post-it survived busy kindergarten hands…

Photo 11.06.14 13 30 18 a little note with BabyS breakfast

Since I’m on maternity leave I have a few samples to those of you who want to test these out. All I ask is that you give me your feedback. Leave me a message/comment if you want a sample

- have you tried the new Post-its from 3M? what has been your experience?

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Hello world

The phrase reminds me of my university days...when I wrote my first lines of C++ code.
cout << "Hello world" ; to be exact...haven't had much use of my programming skills lately. 

No, the use of this phrase is in reference to the arrival of baby Lily (from now on called BabyL in this blog). Tomorrow BabyL is already two weeks old. Believe it or not, both BabyS and BabyL are born on the same day! So May 25th will never be the same @CasaR.
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