Thursday, June 19, 2014

Crocheted square baskets

I’ve seen many round crocheted baskets, but I wanted a square one for my cabinet. I came across the blog by Bekki Bjarnoll and this post with pattern for square baskets. Inspired by this blog post I gave it a go. Though I didn’t follow Bekkis’ pattern.
I started with 15 slip stitches (sl st) and worked round and round with double crochets (dc). In the place where I wanted the corners to be, I double up on dc. When the bottom is the size of the basket I wanted, I started working my way up. In the corners I skipped a dc. When I had the height I wanted for my basket I finished of with a sl st – to get a straight edge.
I used black (color 15) Paris yarn by Drops. It’s a 100% cotton yarn. For one basket I used two skeins of yarn with a 4mm needle. Fits perfect into my IKEA Skär shoe cabinet – seems like this shoe cabinet has been discontinued by IKEA. Sad smile
IMG_5400please don’t mind the mess…I’m getting to it…
Though it’s called a shoe cabinet, we don’t store shoes in the drawers. The drawers are filled with outdoor accessories for BabyS and BabyL – like scarves, mittens, hats etc…This cabinet is mounted against the wall in our hallway.
- have you crochet any baskets? square or round ones?
- how do you store your outdoor accessories?

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