Friday, November 15, 2013


The other day I went to IKEA for a little trip. Just to pick up a few necessities…

Usually when going to IKEA with DaddyO we rush through the aisles. But this time DaddyO had promised to let me have a little time to suck up all the Christmas spirit that was throughout the store.

Though there were no Christmas shopping on my part..except from some ginger bread dough. I did get my self an early Christmas present…for the cold days ahead…a knitted blanket from the Chalet Limited Collection of 2013. I didn’t see the whole collection, just parts of it. But I must say I liked the parts I did see.

IMG_1133[1]a blanket for MommyS

Finally a blanket for myself after knitting a few for babies all around. It’s called Höfjäril and measures 120x180 cm and is made of a wool, polyester and acryl blend. Sorry for not providing a link…but I can’t find it on IKEA webpage.

Off to enjoy an evening with warmth from the fireplace and me neatly placed under my new blanket.

- Have you been to IKEA lately and seen their Christmas collection for 2013?
- What do you do to pamper yourself?

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