Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July 22nd

It’s been four(!) years since I sat at a resturant in Albufeira, Portugal and got the news…bombing in Oslo, shooting of youngsters at Utøya. I remember how the minutes ticked by while checking with family if they were safe. Some of my closest friends where together with me in Portugal, gathered for my bestfriends’ wedding the following day.

It’s been four years and for many a time filled with sorrow. 77 lives where lost that day and countless lives affected. So taking a minute to reflect…

- where were you when you got the news?

Monday, July 20, 2015

Ego knit

Last week I finshed a knitted garment for myself. I’ve knitted quite alot since I took up knitting…this time a long cardican for myself.
I’ve been drooling some time over Tjorvens Mia jakke. But haven’t gotten around to knitting this one. Well the other day I thought I would start knitting a jacket for myself with sequins yarn I had laying around. I ordered myself som alpakka yarn to go with the sequins yarn from Myke nøster as they were having the Drops super sale  - wool edition (valid thru the month of May 2015).
With Drops Alpaca in the color natur (color code: 0100), Marks & Kittens Fame Trend sequins yarn in white (color code: 683) knitting needles in the sizes 4mm and 5mm I was ready to start my project. Of course I had totally forgotten about the Mia jacket when I was looking for knitting patterns. So I ended up using this one by Drops – though with a few alterations. I didn’t knit the pattern as I thought the sequins was enough.
After less than three weeks and some mother of pearls buttons (30mm in diameter) bought of Ebay I have a completed jacket.
Bilde 18.07.15, 23.19.00still needs to be steamed so the edges don’t curl up/in…but very happy with the finished result
Now off to make a smiliar one for SweetieS as she wanted one when she saw mine…
Update July 21th:
For this jacket I used less than 6 skeins of Drops Alpaca (50gr skeins) and less than 3 skeins (100gr skeins) of the Fame sequin yarn.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

A whole new world

Sorry for being so MIA here lately. A whole new world has opened up to me the last few weeks. A few weeks ago I passed my pratical exam to get my drivers license. It has worked just fine for my thirty-somewhat year not having a drivers license, but with kids needing to dropped off/picked up on a daily basis it just seemed logical to have one.

So the past few months I have been “working” hard, driving ALOT and cramming for the theoretical exam. If you are looking into getting yourself a drivers license in Norway, you can read more about it on Vegvesenet website, and Category B (“Klasse B”) which you need to drive cars up to 3,5 tons -  here. Note that it is quite expensive with all the mandatory courses and lessons. I spend about 30 thousand(!) NOK getting my license.

Well I passed  and these days I’m out and about “cruising” in Oslo. Not so much cruising as the Summer weather here is very changing - bright and sunny one moment, raining cats and dogs the new. Yesterday it actually hailed!

If you see me around in my skyblue Citröen C3, give me a wave

picture “borrowed” from Google/

- Do you have a drivers license or are you happy doing public transport?

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