Friday, November 25, 2016

Just a month until Christmas

This is gonna be a short post from me…have too much going on these days to sit down and be creative.

But as I got a reminder yesterday to post the families Christmas they are (in Norwegian this time). There are of the top of my head….If I remember more, I’ll update this list….

  • Klokke 249,- (link Juvelen)
  • Sylvanian families dyr
  • Heldress pysjer str 110
  • Enhjørningbamse My Little Pony prinsesse, Twilight sparkle eller Candance, 429,- (link Toys'r'us)
  • Ulltøy, str 110
  • Lego classics boks, 10696
  • Dukkeklær til en 30cm dukke
  • (Lily er blitt veldig bevist på hva Sophie får, så alt Sophie ønsker seg vil “Lily også ha”
  • Polaroid Zink fotopapir (fotopapir til Zip fotoskriver link Elkjøp 349,-)
  • Bunadtilbehør -Sunnmøre: Sølje (art,nr 198 5 41 Husfliden Strømmen 2250,-)
  • Bunadtilbehør -Sunnmøre: Hårbøyle (Husfliden 1450,-)
  • Bunadskjorte Sunnmørsbunad
  • Dis, clean linen Kremmerhuset 149,-
  • Olabukser str w:34 L:32
  • Deostick (type Hugo boss…)
  • Gavekort: Dressmann
  • Militærstøvler M77 str.42

For now…Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, November 4, 2016

Foiled dividers

Heard of the minc machine by Heidi Swapp? If you’ve heard of it you know what this post about. If not…take a look at this video

the wonderful Jennifer Mcguire recaps foiling in a great way

Since I have a laminator, I had to give it a try. But getting a hold of foil paper was more expensive than I thought. There are so many beautiful colors to choose from…what color to choose? Well actually I wound up with another option. Instead of using the recommended foil paper, I used foil meant for nail design, since I had it laying around from an earlier nail project. And the results…really nice

Bilde 04.11.2016, 21.49.19 Bilde 04.11.2016, 21.49.28 Bilde 04.11.2016, 21.46.53

This only works with toner printed so I printed a few transparencies with beautiful black and white patterns I found online. As I wanted to make new dividers for my planner, I cut them into size before foiling them.

With the hearts divider, I choose to make one heart in another color….so I added a silver heart…

Bilde 04.11.2016, 21.47.08

Still waiting for a copper and turquoise colored foil for the last dividers. So still missing the last of my new dividers for my planner setup for 2017… Oh and I used these nail foils…bought of ebay of course…

- have you tried foiling with a laminator?
- what are your 2017 planner plans?

Now what to foil next?

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