Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Updated free stuff

With a new baby coming along in June this year I thought I would take the liberty and get me some free stuff. Using my trust blog and a previous post, I thought I would save some time. But my list/post of free baby stuff is obviously alittle dated (being over 2 years old – or “lightyears in www-time”). So I thought I would put together an updated list – for myself and for you.

If you are intrested, you can find my previous post here.

Sorry to my international readers, shipping/pick-up is in Norway only.

This time I’m getting these:

And these I for some reason don’t need ...

  • Svangerskapsboken 2013 (I picked up my copy at the clinic where I had a sonogram done. BTW can recommend Majorstuaklinikken the staff there take great care of you)
  • Babyshop Sangenic nappy disposal system (you have to register in a Babyshop store as website registration is no longer available, or you can register via Facebook)
  • Barnas Hus Angel Care nappy disposal system – though after trying both Babyshop and Barnas Hus I prefere the Babyshop one: not so big and bulky thus stands more sturdy on the floor – and when you run out of the refill thingies, just use a garbage bag)
  • Babyglede, just because I’m cheap and don’t want to pay 129NOK i S&H
  • Bambino baby spoon (sign up is through Facebook, so you need a FB account)
  • Nestle samples (sign up is through Facebook, so you need a FB account) These are samples for babys 6 months +, so no rush in ordering this one yet.
  • Sylvanian family. (you need to join the fanclub) I remember these from my childhood, not sure how babyfriendly these are though.
  • Lifeline Care Gravid – a 5 day sample of a complete vitamin supplement, dedicated to the first trimester of a pregnancy - just a little too late for me.

No longer available Gråtefjes

Think that is it from me for this time. Now off to send this blog link to a few pregnant friends Engel

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Finally done!

Well I did finish it last week…
But it’s finally done! The knitting project I started over a year ago…a jacket for BabyS. Based on this (Babydrops 20-11) knitting pattern from Drops/Garnstudio. I used a wool yarn called Fabel Spray Print in color 711 – a pinkish-brown color. Drum roll please…
Photo 17 52 06 05.02.14
What took forever, was getting the buttons on. It took forever to receive the ones I ordered on Ebay…and when they finally did arrive (only took two reorders before I ordered from another seller)…It took me forever attaching them to the coat. But now I am finally done and the jacket still fits BabyS.
The buttons are a cute heart shaped wooden one, bought from this Ebayer.
Photo 17 52 06 05.02.14a close-up of the buttons
- Have you any unfinished projects laying around?
Drops is having a Sockalicious offer again, and the Fabel yarn is one of the discounted yarns. 25% off! Offer is valid until Febuary 28th 2014 in all Drops stores/webstores.
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