Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A box from IKEA

The other day I was at IKEA and came over this box….

Bilde 13.05.15, 22.03.34a cardboard box

to put my used light bulbs…

What is nice about this is that if you return the box with used light bulbs, IKEA will donate 10NOK to WWF.

Bilde 13.05.15, 22.03.51

The box is free. So why not pick one up they next time you are at IKEA?
Read more about IKEAs environmental programs here.

Patch Tuesday

For most people working within IT know that this is a term used for when Microsoft releases security patched for their software products. Well nothing IT related this time.

Just that I’ve spendt the day patching SweetieS stuff that has hole, rips and tears. With active kids comes clothes with rips and tears. And since we get alot of clothes pre-owned, there is some wear and tear from previous users to begin with.

I’ve posted earlier about patching I’ve done of knitted garnmets for SweetieS, like here.

Knit patterns I like using for these patches, so they are a little more fun:
- stars: here, thanks to Valley Yarns
- hearts: here, thanks to CreatingLaura
- square with heart lollipop, here, thanks to DesignsbyEmily
and my newest addition; butterfly: here, thanks to Lion brand yarns

a little collage of my patch works

Also on the stuff to fix were a zipper, some button holes that needed to pulled together, clothes that needed branding…not very intresting to mention.

- what have ou been doing tonight?

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Ascension day @CasaR

The day started early, as any other weekday, at around 6.30 (yes, that’s AM). When do kids start sleeping in???

After consuming breakfast I started the task I’ve been planning the last week. Redoing my office/crafts corner…(just realized I forgot to take a before picture…oh well, just imagine clutter…) I started moving furniture around and came to the conclusion that I need a new desk. My old desk just isn’t using the space it takes up very efficiently. So hopefully within a few days I will have time for another IKEA trip.

I’m lucky to have great neighbors, after lunch and a few text messages (and BabyL taking a nap) we went to Ekeberg Hysdyrpark. There SweetieS got to pet/feed all kinds of farm animals – cows, horses, sheep, goats, rabbits, they even have peacocks! And if fur coats isn’t you thing they have a play area with seesaws, trampolines and slides – and big open areas to just run off any extra energy the kids might have bottled inside…

Bilde 14.05.15, 14.23.10 Bilde 14.05.15, 14.23.18

Now that the girls have gone to bed I got time for another project of mine. A few weeks ago I ordered myself a pair of cheapy-cheap sneakers. Nothing special about them other than comfortable and light weight. SweetieS has a pair of Kangaroo sneakers I’ve kinda been envious over. SweetieS seems so carefree when wearing them. So when I came over a recommendation on my Facebook group for Ebay recommended buys (it’s a Norwegian group, and its called “Ebay for jenter/kvinner”), I thought I would give it a try. A pair of comfortable everyday sneakers for under 150NOK is worth a try. They are available here. I’m normally a Norwegian/European size 36, buy I bought a size 37 as recommended by both the Ebay seller and on the Facebook group.

Yesterday my pair of sneakers came in the mail…smelling like new plastic I left them in the hallway over night to “air out”. Inspired by another Facebook group (thank you to Trine Aas and Mona Hagelund over @”Ebay Hobby”), I had to add some bling to my shoes.

The sneakers arrived looking like this…(doesn’t come in a shoe box, but not squashed in any way)

not my picture, I just “borrowed” online as I forgot to take a picture after I unpacked them

I pulled off the little triangle on the logo as it just looked misplaced – using my fingers, just pull hard when you have a good hold and it comes off nice and clean. Too used to seeing another logo perhaps? So now my pair of shoes looked more like this…

Bilde 14.05.15, 19.08.16don’t mind the mess, I’m getting ready to glue on some bling

Half an hour later and a neck somewhat stiffer, I had my pair of bling’d sneakers. Just need the glue to set over night…

Bilde 14.05.15, 19.41.02not sure the picture does the bling justice…

In case you are wondering about what I used…
I used this bling (2mm flatback rhinestones), from Ebay – used approx 50 pieces per shoe
This glue (E6000), from Ebay. You only need a small amount of this glue, so I recommend buying the small tubes rather than one big tube. My experience is that glue caps tend to glue shut after a while, so less wasted if/when that happens)
As the rhinestones a quite small and difficult to apply by hand, I used this tool to apply the rhinestones. Bought on sale @Panduro Hobby ages ago…

Now off to start the evenings next project – one gets so much done when one is up at the early hours! Next project: Start knitting a pair for pants for SweetieS…

- what have you been up to this sunny day off work?

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Another wishlist

We are in May and both SweetieS and BabyL is turning another year older. Time sure flies, SweetieS is turning 3 and BabyL turns 1. Feels like yesterday we were rushing to the hospital….

True to form it has to be celebrated…and here are some wishes “from” my birthday girls. Will update as I remember more things.

imageSweetieS image

Lego basic sets

Lego base plates

Kids scooter with storage compartment – Micro Mini2go(“Sparkesykkel med oppbevaring” )

Cool bicycle bell
some cool ones available here

520208-20 Crazy Safety  Crazy Safety Kinesisk Drage Ringeklokke Morsomt design!
Toilet trainer (“dotrapp”)
Badevader (sz 26-27) Rosa
Outdoors toys
- soap bubles
- stree chalks

imageBabyL image

Rocking sheep
available @CoopObs


Jellycat Bachful Bunny,
beige, 31 cm

Rain suit with fleece lining
(sz. 80-86)

IKEA gift certificates
(Lily needs cabinet doors for her Expedit shelf unit)
Toothbrushes for toddlers  
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