Friday, August 10, 2012

Majulah Singapura!

Just taking a minute to wish all Singaporeans around the world a Happy National Day (August 9th).

Majulah Singapura!

New car or a new stroller?

December last year we bought a Simo stroller in preparation for Baby S’ arrival. The last year we have been playing with the thought of buying a new car. A Citroën C3 isn’t exactly the roomy family car needed when you have to have room for a baby car seat and a baby stroller..and still need room for anything else.

not the biggest of cars…buy love my little blue C3
A few weeks back we got to test out packing skills in playing Tetris (remember that game??) with the stroller and the car seat .. Lets just say we concluded with the need for a bigger car….or a smaller stroller…
At a random visit to Babyshop we came across Stokke Xplory. And we thought why didn’t we have something like that??? A stroller that you can attach the car seat in??? This way it would take up way less room in the car…much more manageable. After listening to the nice shop girls’ sales pitch we went home and looked at other brands equivalent.
We still had some requirements to the stroller…amongst that it had to be small when folded, so it would go into our cars trunk. It also had to be sturdy and good to maneuver around . We did some surfing and read some reviews, and found that we would go for Maxi Cosis Mura 4.
Mura4collagejust  what we needed…the carriage holds the car seat and takes up minimal space in out trunk
As this was our reserve stroller we thought we would buy it second hand. Strollers are expensive here in Norway, when bought brand new. We were in luck and found a second hand one on We even got more than we at the moment wanted, the additional carry cot/bag and pushchair. Making this a complete set for Baby S from birth to pre-school’ish…

a solution for pushchair, pram/carry bag AND car seat
So for now…no new car…

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Soft and stylish

These days we have started feeling that we are starting to know our little Baby S daily pattern. Well the other day Baby S was in a nice mood and granted us a little time to do some shopping. These days there are end of summer sales everywhere. One of the stores I wound up dropping a few Norwegian krones was Kid. With almost the whole store at 50% off we found some throw pillows for our couch that met '”our high standards”.
The big one is called Endine and measures 50x50 cm in size. The small and narrow one is called Rayar and measures 30x50 cm. We bought both in Earth tones…also known as beige. Both are also available in blue tones for those who want to add a little more color. I thought the beige ones would go well with our cream colored walls.
for now color on our couch is added by our Super Mario 1-UP mushroom pillows…

Monday, August 6, 2012

On my shopping wish list

With Baby S growing bigger for every passing day I’ve started thinking of furniture to have on the front patio. This way we can sit outside in the shade (from our gazebo).

A hammock looks very comfortable…just needs a couple of good pillows

picture from

Today I also saw an inspirational blog post… We have a big lounge in the back garden with HUGE pillows, which don’t fit in a standard pillow box. The ones we have found that fit our pillows I can’t say I’ve liked. So still looking. Well in this inspirational blog post (here) I saw a pillow “cupboard”…have to look further into that…

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