Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Like a Kardashian

Ebay has made sure that SweetieS hair is always stylish. With plenty of hair clips in all the colors of the rainbow I’ve seen the need for better storage. Plastic bags hasn’t been working very well – as SweetieS gets her hands on them and starts unpacking.

Since Ebay had been the source of her many hair accessories I thought Ebay could be the source of organization. When I saw these I thought it be a good start. Fits neatly on the glass shelf in front of the mirror in the bathroom. Nice and handy. Maybe you’ve seen similar around. I remember these being very popular when Kim Kardashian showcased her makeup storage.

though these drawers don’t hold all her hair clips and hair bands – it is a start…

- how do you store your hair accessories?

I’m back


It’s been a few full weeks here at CasaR. With BabyS taking a few weeks Summer vacation from kindergarten I’ve had my hands full with BabyS and BabyL. The plan was for DaddyO to take a few weeks off from work simultaneously, but had to change his plans when there was some lousy vacation planning on his colleagues part. So DaddyO had to “work from home” while BabyS was home. In other words, hectic days.

On the plus side…we have been blessed with super fantastic weather here in Oslo, Norway. With temperature well into the thirties. No need to travel anywhere for Mediterranean forecasts.Sunny days and poolside lounging, no complaints here.

Now that BabyS is back in kindergarten I get naptime back Hot smile so I might even have time to do some blogging again. Though I have to admit…I have had time to do some Ebaying lately. After joining the Facebook group Ebay Baby & Barn I get many great tips on stuff to buy for my two sweeties.

The arrival of BabyL on BabyS 2 year birthday hasn’t given me time to reflect over the fact that my “little BabyS” is becoming a big girl. Just a few weeks ago she “moved” from her cot over to a full size bed – after a diaper mishap we used as an excuse to move the cot out of her room. The cot is now in “quarantine” before moving in to BabyLs room – so that BabyS doesn’t feel she’s loosing her bed to her baby sister. These last weeks I’ve noticed her growing personality, and her temper... her vocabulary is growing and how talkative she is several times a day. The other day I realized that I have to talk more Cantonese to her, if I want her to master the art of Chinese…So note to self – say everything in both Cantonese and Norwegian. It’s fun to see how she loves to try things out herself now. Think it’s time to give BabyS a new nick on my blog – how does “SweetieS” sound?

- have you given your children cyber nicknames?
- how has your Summer been so far?

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Still alive…

I know I haven’t been posting much lately. With a new baby in the house I don’t get as much rest as I want..so not much time to write posts.

This week, and the next few weeks BabyS is taking some time of from kindergarten. So have my hands full…luckily DaddyO is taking a few weeks of from work too.

Not much happening happening at CasaR other than sleeping, feeding, burping and diaper changes the last few weeks. In between we’ve had family and friends visiting…and MommyS has had time to do some Ebay surfing. Not much we need, but after joining the Facebook group “<3 Ebay Barn&baby <3” I’ve found lots of items that I found interesting. (a group for Norwegians posting their Ebay buys)

My latest Ebay buy where these mini straws. Perfect for small drink containers like Danoninos drinking yoghurt. Just before BabyS started her summer holiday from kindergarten we were told that BabyS wouldn’t be served milk in the month of July with her meals. So the straws were perfect to send with her lunchbox and a Danonino drink.


= no spill drinking when out and about

- do you Ebay for your children?

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Lunchbox makeover

July month is a month out of the ordinary in the kindergarten BabyS attends. In cooperation with a few surrounding kindergartens, they are open all Summer. For us this means I have to remember to pack an extra lunchbox for BabyS.

With the need for an extra lunchbox every day I needed a few more boxes, as BabyS only has a few. Well I couldn’t find any I liked when roaming the stores, so I decided I would find simple food containers and pimp the.

I started with these containers from Biltema. I bought the sizes 570ml and 830ml. The difference being the height I could use the lids on both sizes.

very plain boxes…

I used a few stamps I had laying around (a clear stamps set from Michaels – Recollections #171837, and a Inkadinkado stamp set called “Welcome baby” #60–30108) and some jet black Staz-on ink. To color the animals I used fine point Sharpies (any permanent marker should do the trick), I used these. I love how the lids turned out!

the result…

This was fun and I plan on doing this to more lids when BabyL needs lunchboxes…or when I can get my hands on a few more boxes from Biltema. And if BabyS gets tired of the motives I’ve used on these lids, I can always use some ink cleaner to remove the stamped images and give the box a new makeover.

- have you given boxes a new look?

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