Thursday, June 19, 2014

A roof over my head

Today our new roof was finished! Yay! I’ve been longing for a roof at the front of our house for ages. When I had my maternity leave with BabyS it was even more sought after. Coming home from a long stroll with the stroller I had no place to park the stroller protected from the elements.

For those who have followed my blog the past years probably remember our attempt at a roof with a gazebo at the front of our house. Unfortunately the gazebo didn’t like a huge amounts of snow that falls down here at “the top of Oslo”. And broke under the heavy, wet snow.


The company that built this roof for us is Andreassen og Fjeld Bygg AS. Super happy with these guys. Every day they cleaned up after themselves – so no worries that BabyS would get her hands on anything dangerous. A dialog with them daily gave us updates on that was done and what was left.

Already started a new dialog with them regarding the patio on the backside of our house – that is in desperate need of some “help”…

- have you done any renovation on your house lately?

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