Friday, March 14, 2014

Pimp my Expedit, part two

A few days ago I posted about pimping up BabyS’ Expedit shelving unit. Coming across the post today, I realized I had forgotten a “small” detail…about the knobs I used for the Expedit door inserts. The knobs that come with the doors are small and simple.

imagepicture of the Expedit knobs, “borrowed” from IKEA

As I felt these were a little boring and too small for children fingers, I went online looking for options. I wound up buying from this Ebayer…crystal-like knobs

“crystal knobs”, picture borrowed from ebay

And the result was a more girly Expedit…super cute!

- did you just use the parts that came with your Expedit purchase? or have you done some pimping?

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