Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A little lighter

Today was the last day of my maternity leave…*sigh*…gonna miss spending my days with BabyS. Have the last weeks gradually returned to work. Today it dawned on me, no more maternity leave. Well I had planned a nice long stroller ride with BabyS in the wonderful weather that has come to Oslo the last few weeks, until I woke up to a gloomy grey day. So stroller ride cancelled and a relaxing day at home instead. No complaints from BabyS and we spent the day warm and cozy, playing in almost all the rooms in our home that is CasaR Smile with tongue out

I’ve been looking at new hairdos for a few days now and have been contemplating bangs. A change in my everyday life, why not a change in my hair? Today I took the plunge and cut it!

IMG_0018[1] IMG_0019[1]
before… after…

My new bangs are longer than in the picture….just out of the shower they wanted to stand straight up, only got them to cooperate a little before I snapped the picture. As always, after a haircut I still need time to adjust to the change Sarcastic smile 

- have you considered bang with your next hair cut?
- what has been your favorite moments in your maternity leave?

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