Monday, April 22, 2013

A blank canvas

As I wrote in an earlier post, during Easter we renovated our hallway. We finished in just under two weeks! Everything takes so much longer with BabyS in-house. Luckily my mother didn’t mind taking care of BabyS while we worked.

With redone walls and a new floor we now have a blank canvas to decorate. I mentioned how much we liked that the hallway felt more open with everything out. So I still have to find out how we want to furnish our renovated hallway…

Took a few pictures of the hallway before, during and after renovation.

GangCollagebefore - cluttered, during – progression, after – blank canvas

When we tore out the wall panels we found dark green painted walls. Well half way down the walls. No shocker…we have already found a blue kitchen, red living room…so a green hallway didn’t come as much of a surprise. Our new hallway is now painted in a plain cream color with Alloc Commercial Stone flooring in Skifer Grey. Don’t mind DaddyO and BabyS in the last picture…

With a blank canvas at hand it’s time to look at some storage solutions for our hallway that won’t make a big clutted hallway.

- Do you have smart ways to organize in your hallway?
- Have you renovated you hallway and want to share with me?

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