Thursday, February 21, 2013

Gradually returning to work

These days I’m slowly realizing that my maternity leave is soon over. Last week I had the first of my two-days-a-week workweek. Which is the start of my gradual return to work. While I’m at work DaddyO will be at home with BabyS. Over the course of a few months I will be slowly increasing my work days as DaddyO increases his off-days.

It’s great to get more out amongst “normal” people…but while at work I miss BabyS.

While I was on maternity leave my office space has been occupied by a consultant that has been working on a project for my employer. Today I realized it’s time to claim my space back!

- New computer, check!
Tomorrow I do the upgrade of my desktops and put up some of “my stuff”. Maybe a picture of BabyS on my desk?

my new Lenovo X1 Ultrabook, sweet!

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