Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Inside on the outside

Officially it’s called reversible double knitting…but when I saw this I had a hard time finding the technique as it has a number of names. But after doing some research I gave it a try and I am very happy with the result.

I made it bigger than a standard baby blanket as I wanted a blanket I could use in BabyS cot when her down duvet becomes too hot. So I wound up with a 72 x 94 cm blanket.


It has stars sprinkled  all over, eventhough you can’t see it in this light. As I didn’t have a knitting pattern I just did some calculating and drawing on squared paper. I used the star pattern I previously used on my fire lighter box cover.

these stars are so versatile

I used a 100% wool yarn called “Ullteppegarn” by Gjestedal. For this blanket I used about 8 skeins – 4 of each of the two colors, grey and lilac.

It was super easy to do the double knitting, way easier than I thought at first. All the techniques you have to masker is knit and purl!

Here are some videos to help you get started;

A little intro to double knitting
This is just part 1 of 3–casting on
An alternative way to cast on

I finished the blanket a few weeks ago, but blogging about it always takes longer. BabyS wants to play on the computer too when it’s out.

Not a bad Tuesday…already taken a morning stroll with BabyS, knitted and blogged and it’s not even 2 PM. How has your Tuesday been so far?

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