Monday, February 9, 2015

Knitted kindergarten set

A while back I bought some wool yarn on sale @Nille. At 10NOK a skein I just bought some without any projects in mind. Well the other day I came over a project. A knitted sweater and pants for SweetieS! After she got a “pre-loved” sweater and pants from a wonderful colleague of mine, I realized we were in need of another set.
So I went surfing around on Drops website. Did you know they have several thousands of FREE patterns just a mouse click away? Well I found these pants and this sweater.
Drops pants
Drops sweater
I used Baby Merino yarn (I think it has changed the name to Baby Ull now) by Gjestal. I used the colors 829 – light grey and 622 – light pink. And the result:
Photo 09.02.15, 19.44.14
I used about two skeins of pink and two skeins of grey on the pants. On the sweater I used less than three skeins of grey and just one skein of pink. (if I didn’t remember wrong-had to buy more grey when I started on the sweater and lost count). I made the sweater a little longer than in the pattern. With the left over yarn I made some mittens using this pattern for kindergarten mittens. SweetieS has been wearing them inside and out ever since I finished them yesterday.
Off to start my next project…combining knitting and organization…what projects are you doing these days?

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