Friday, June 10, 2016

Kawaii and a Frozen birthday

Warning: Picture heavy post….

Summer means enjoying life outside. But before we can relax and enjoy life some prepwork needs to be done. So the past weeks inbetween Summer showers, we have been painting. Painting floor board left and right, lots of fence boards..the end is near. Just a few more boards left. Note to self: don’t do both front and back patio the same year…

Bilde 10.06.2016, 22.04.29Back patio

Still need some greenery, just not sure what we want yet. And I have big plans of “making” some kind of steps on the right side so that the girls can play on the small woods we have right behind our backgarden. But think I might have to push those plans to next Summer…we’ll see…

Now over to some kawaii. My plans for tonight is adding some new and refreshing the girls lunch boxes. Some of you might remember a post a while back about my pimping up some boring Biltema food containers. You can see that post here. As you can see, the boxes have been well used and are in need of some refurbish.

Bilde 10.06.2016, 22.15.59

So last night I did some surfing after new designs and today I found my Sharpies and clear nail polish. ready to add some “kawaii” to the girls kindergarden lunch boxes.

Bilde 10.06.2016, 18.23.58

I will be changing a few design, as I’m not happy with how they turned out the last time. Hopefully the new designs meets SweetieS and BabyLs approval.

Since I’m on a “blog roll”, I might as well post the part I mentioned in my previous post. SweetieS Frozen birthday with the girls from kindergarten. As always when researching…check out Pintrest. There I found inspiration and help for the birthday invites. Of course they were Frozen themed….

Bilde 10.05.2016, 20.23.10edit

I can’t take credit for these. Eventhough I did make them myself, I had alot of help from Jenn Ericksons blog Jennuine. Spesifically this post about how to make your own Frozen invites. Jenn even shares the picture file needed to make this invites! Thank you Jenn I scored HUGH with SweetieS with these invites.

Of course I had to make a Frozen cake….after spending hours on a failed attempt, this was the result @1AM.

Bilde 28.05.2016, 11.28.28

Though a failed attempt in my mind…I had sooo many ideas for this cake and wound up with none…the girls approved and had seconds. With my big plans came huge amounts of fondant. As the plans failed I was left with large amounts of marshmellow fondant…in comes SweetieS with an idea. Can all the girls also make an Olaf? She remembered Olaf being very tasty last year and wanted the other girls to be able to taste yummy Olaf. So that’s is what we did! All the girls were given a lump of MMF and some accessories…Toothpicks for stability and arms, dried mango bites for Olafs nose and cloves for eyes and buttons.

Some cool olafs were made…a huge hit with the girls when they found out how tasty he was…

Bilde 28.05.2016, 14.43.59 Bilde 28.05.2016, 14.43.53 Bilde 28.05.2016, 14.43.23 Bilde 28.05.2016, 14.44.11

All in all, successful birthday in the eyes of SweetieS.

If I am to finish the lunch box lids before bedtime I better get cracking…

- what are your weekend plans?
- what birthday themes have you had success with?

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