Friday, July 8, 2016

Maritime jacket

for yours truly. Well not correct to say maritime..but it is navyblue and white. At a Tjorven yarn sale a small eternity ago I bought ten skeins of Big Fabel Mouline yarn. I has plans on making sweaters for SweetieS…but never got around to starting them. So the other day I came over this pattern called Cathrine on Garnstudios website and I thought it would be a nice project for the yarn I have laying around.
And inspired by this picture I came across while looking a fancy nails, I made a few changes to the pattern….well I didn’t follow the coloring pattern at all.
Bilde 17.04.2016, 11.54.03
The stripes are made with some navy blue Nepal yarn leftovers.
I used about 8 skeins Big fabel for this jacket. Knitted on needle size 4,5mm for the cuffs and front band. The rest of the jacket is knitted on 5mm needles.
Bilde 27.06.2016, 17.47.42
As it is with knitting projects I make for myself, SweetieS also wants one. So with the two leftover skeins I had, I started on a jacket for SweetieS. I found this jacket pattern (Drops Children 26-12) so I had an estimate on how many stitches I would need. Just as I was finishing of the yoke/body, SweetieS commented that she wanted a vest, not a jacket. Perfect! I was running out of yarn and dreaded the tough of knitting the sleeves. As I didn’t have any more navy blue yarn left, SweetieS got purple stripes instead.
Bilde 10.07.2016, 09.26.04

Another Mommy and Me knit project completed. Allthough we are in July, the mornings are still cold and the jacket and vest have been used already.
- do you have any Mommy and Me projects to share?

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