Friday, May 11, 2018

It’s that time of the year again

May is a hectic month for CasaR. There is alot to do at work and on the home front.

May is the birth month of both SweetieS and SweetieL. So hectic planning and organizing to get ready for celebrating the girls.

This year we opted to celebrate with all their kindergarten friends. This will problably be the first and last time they have their birthday party together. It’s the last year of kindergarten for SweetieS and the first year for SweetieL with the “big kids”. And since their two kindegarten groups play so well together, I thought we would give it a go. I did however restrict to only invite the girls. We ended up inviting 22 girls (versus 36 boys and girls). Where am I gonna fit 24 girls if they all come???

The theme is PJ masks and pictures from the day will come. Hopefully I will have time to snap some pictures. Invites have been sent out, now to get all the little things in order. I haven’t involved the girls in the preparations for the party because I want it to be a surprise for them and their guests. Hopefully I haven’t bitten of more than I can chew.

The family asked for their wishlist, so here it is…based on their recurring “can-I-have-that?-requests” while watching TV. Yes, they still watch TV in these tablet/streaming days.

Practical wishes from us, the parents;

Both girls love wearing dresses, so casual Summer dresses for everyday use would be nice.

SweetieS needs some thights to go with those dresses (so she doesn’t flash her undies to everyone)

As for wishes from the girls;


Hatchimals (is that how it is spelled?)

Drawing and writing supplies

“sydvest” (after loosing her purple one in kindergarten, she’s been longing for a new one)

Lego classics

Jumping rope

SweetieL:(wants everything her big sister has..):


Drawing and writing supplies

DVD: Trolls

Activity books, preferably with lots of stickers

Lego classics, like this (these storage boxes are great!)

Here’s hoping we get thru the party weekend in a few weeks.

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