Sunday, December 9, 2012

A simple “hat”

This week I tried something new…knitting a “hat” for DaddyO.

A while back I bought a few balls of cotton yarn @Søstrene Grene. Some of which was going to a hat for DaddyO. I had bought a dark, neutral grey I hoped DaddyO would like.

Together with DaddyO, I found a pattern @Garnstudio that he liked.

this one

I shortened the length as DaddyO wanted a fitted hat. I just knitted the part of stockinette stitch from 19 cm to 12 cm. The rest I followed the pattern to the letter.

And the result….

IMG_0894[1]DaddyO making faces with his new hat

Not bad for my first try…and Macgyver style double pointed needles. (I’m still waiting for a set of double pointed needles to arrive in the mail) This hat was so fast to knit, I think I will give it another try…this time in a wool blend???

- Have you made a hat lately?
- Have you used the Søstrene Grene cotton yard?
- What kind of yarn do you use for hats?

Off to play with BabyS.
Have a nice 2nd Sunday of Advent

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