Monday, August 12, 2013

A geo here, a cache there

This evening I found my first geocache! Along with my friend Lexipo we went hunting for a few caches around where we live. And guess what! we found not only one, but two! A good and healthy little hobby…fun looking for caches while getting in a little movement. Recommended! An alternative way to enjoy the wonderful nature around us.

Since I haven’t gotten myself an app for my iPhone, I’ll do my logging here Smile with tongue out

The two caches we found if you wanna give it a go…
Klatring i Østmarka – Hellerud

Fun but also scary…as one cache required facing some fears – spiders, claustrophobia and heights… So good luck to you if you intend to give these a try.

Weird, the first time I read about geocaching I never thought I would try it out myself. But thanx Lexipo and Jens Voigt for introducing me to a fun new hobby.

- have your tried geocaching?
- how do you face your fears?

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