Friday, August 16, 2013

Like royalty

This week BabyS started kindergarden. So far it’s been a very plesant experience.

We started with being greeting by the sweetest employees. BabyS had gotten all the lockers and storage compartments labeled with her name.

IMG_0042[1]a personal welcome note

- The first day was a short stay. The employees that will be “handeling” BabyS observed her interaction with other children, adults and playtime. While us parents filled in forms and got alot of information.
- The second day BabyS stayed a few hours without parents. She stayed for lunch before we picked her up.
- Today she is having a longer stay, including naptime. The nap is still to come…so don’t know how that will turn out.

I must admit I had my doubts as to leave my baby in such a big kindergarten – approx. 150 babies/toddlers. I got my worries eased when I went for a visit. Eventhough the kindergarten is large, BabyS belongs to a “base” – the kindergarten is devided into bases – that is only 9 children, ages 1-2 years (at the moment its about 50/50 of 1 year and 2 year olds). With 3 employees in BabyS’ base, Akershus festning, the babies/toddlers should be taken good care of.

Read more about Barneslottet on their official site, here.
The kindergarten in itself is just a few years old, and before opening undervent major reconstruction. Can read more about that in this article.

It’s fun that they have their on monogram and crown logo…just like the royals!


- how was it for your children to start kindergarten?

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