Thursday, May 22, 2014

Catching up

The pregnancy has taken its toll on the joints of my fingers. So haven’t been sitting much in front of the computer lately.

Just dropping by to do some catching up…both on “reading” and blogging.

The other day I got a little gift from my sweet friends Lexipo…as a thanx for “washer time” – as their washer have been on the fritz and fixing it took forever. With two kids in kindergarten you CAN’T live without a washer.

IMG_5216-001the bake-it easy set by Porsgrund

Love this baking pan! You bake, cook, store and serve all in one pan. What’s not to love? You can read more about/buy it here.

Unwrapped and started using it today….my first baking project with this new pan? An apple cake for BabyS to bring to kindergarten tomorrow…thank you Lexipo for the great tasting receipt.

Yes! BabyS is turning TWO this weekend! It feels like yesterday I was holding her in my arms for the first time. Have been trying to catch up on some scrapping since I started my maternity leave. Looking back at pictures from the last two years, how much BabyS has grown and evolved into a little person with her own unique personality. Red heart

With the new baby arriving any day now I feel I should do some prep-work. With wardrobe, nursery, baby stuff covered I do feel like I’m ready for the new babys arrival. BabyS got lots of knitted blankets during my previous maternity leave…as I have had to sit a lot with my legs raised lately I started on a knitted blanket for the new baby. One he/she can call their own, not one that BabyS has had first…

IMG_5217-001this time around, diamonds…

Speaking of blankets…Now that this blanket has been given to it’s rightful owner, I can post a picture of it! A reversible stars and stripes blanket for a little prince.

IMG_3806have a feeling I’ve posted a picture before…

Now off to watch a YouTube video I’ve posted before (here)….that worked well for me!

Have a wonderful Friday!

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