Monday, May 5, 2014

Knitting up a storm

My due date is less than a month away and these days I’m beginning to feel the extra weight. As a result of that I’ve been spending most of my evenings on the couch, knitting. I mentioned in a earlier post that I was gonna try making a sleeve for my outdated stroller bag.
I’m not finished! I’m not that fast…but I’m almost there. After knitting a whole stroller bag, I do feel that making a sleeve is going much smoother…not to mention faster…
I’m trying to knit a sleeve close to the RisaRosa design, without the side flaps like on the one I made for Hoaneypoo. Hopefully that means I can finish before the baby in my tummy is out. Finishing up a knitting project is so very rewarding. Seeing the fruits of my labour….
Without showing my work so far…here are some links to where I have pulled inspiration from

the combination of cables and pattern
(picture borrowed from

pattern, from Drops nr. 116 pattern nr. 12
(picture from

cables – uneven twists
pattern 2 from
As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I will be knitting the sleeve in Drops Alaska – I bought the skeins during the March felting fever campain (@25% off). In the month of May Drops is having a Supersale- wool edition and have Drops Alaska @35% off! So stock up! So far I’ve used 10 skeins of Alaska….if you need an indication of how much you need for a sleeve. I expect to end up using less than 11 skeins for the finished sleeve.
- where do you draw inspiration from?

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