Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Better late than never

I've finally taken the time to take pictures and write a few words about my knitted sleeve for BabyLs strollerbag. The one I wrote I was gonna make here and here
Sorry for the late post. This knitted sleeve has been finished for months and used frequently now that the days have become cold, wet and windy. How I envy BabyL when she's sleeping nicely snuggled up in the stroller with me pushing her up the "mountain" we call home. Don't get me our little outings no matter the weather (atleast most of the time). It just looks so warm and cozy in the stroller...compared to the outside...
There is no pattern for this sleeve. Just out of my head after a lot of inspiration on Pintrest and Google. Contact me/leave a comment if you want my notes on how I made this sleeve…I feel I can’t call it a stroller bag as this is made to fit outside an old stroller bag I had.
It’s knitted using Drops Alaska in brown (color code 23) I bought during the last Drops yarn sale. Alaska is a 100% wool yarn, but feels nice and soft.  Did you know that Drops is having a sale lasting until December 31st 2014? On all their alpaca yarn, more info here.
As Christmas is right around the corner I’m off. Have planned a few knitted Christmas gifts and if I’m to finish them in time I need to put in as much knitting time as I can….
- have you knitted anything for your stroller?


  1. Hei. For en nydelig vognpose du har laget! Jeg ønsker veldig gjerne notater om hvordan du har laget den, om du vil dele.

    Hilsen Åshild

    1. Hei,

      så hyggelig at du har funnet frem til min blogg. Takk for komplementet
      Har rotet frem notatene...så skal prøve å nøste opp i tanker og kludder til en mail til deg (skal prøve å få den avgårde iløpet av deg)

    2. Har sendt avgårde. Gi lyd fra deg dersom den ikke kommer frem (har ikke fått noen feilmelding)


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