Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I <3 planners

Hi, my name is Sheila and I’m an planner addict. First step to recovery is admitting I have a problem right? My last post about updating my two girls “life calendars” has lead my into the colorful world of planners out there. When I started looking for inspiration on how I wanted my calendar layout to look like I never expected to find such a creative and fun way to use planners/organizer/Filofaxes. The expression ‘planner porn’ is very descriptive.

A “life calendar” fits my need for writing down “history” and being creative at the same time. Since starting to update my two “life calendars” from this…

Photo 29.10.14 11 26 42the word “stale” comes to mind…

I have found a whole world of ideas of stuff I want to put in my “life calendars”. Lots of fun DIY projects and ways to add color. I have since my previous post ordered a bunch of diary stickers and washi tape. I look forward to getting them and adding more color to my “life calendars”.

I should be concentrating on getting my Christmas shopping done…but I’m having too much fun playing around with these “life calendars” of mine…

Photo 25.11.14 21 29 22so much more fun and colorful

Got the idea for a name divider on Pintrest, here. Made mine in Microsoft Project. Print, cut and laminated. Voila! a cool, colorful and unique divider.

The blue folder you see in the background is a DIY folder, to hold my growing amount of stickers.I got the idea to make one here (also from Pintrest). Mine is made of a blue plastic folder as that was what I had at hand when I wanted to make this. An added bonus, it’s VERY sturdy. As I made mine to open from both sides (like in the linked DIY video) it’s good to know it won’t come apart anytime soon.

Time to call it a night….

- do you have a colorful way to pimp your “life calendar”/planner?
- I love Pintrest, do you? why?

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