Friday, June 7, 2013

Hopefully no more slipping

A few months ago I got myself a real scare when I suddenly slipped on one of the steps in our stair case. Then and there I decided that I would mount anti slip tape on each step. The only challenge was to get a hold of transparent anti slip tape here in Norway. I looked far and wide with no luck…after finding and not being able to get it shipped to Norway I gave up looking for transparent tape.
I got a hold of some black anti slip tape…but just wouldn’t get myself to mount it. It would just show too much on our pine colored stairs.
But to my surprise I came over transparent anti slip tape @Biltema while looking for something else! Yay, I quickly bought myself 5 rolls…they came in 3 meter rolls. Today I gave the staircase a once over with soap and water before adhering the tape.
after (the tape is very discrete, just the flash reflecting a lot)
Now I ‘m hoping for days ahead with no slipping…
IMG_3989BabyS seems to be very happy with the finished result
- have you ever slipped on your stairs?
- how do you prevent slipping accidents?

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