Saturday, June 1, 2013


Sorry for my absense latetly. Last weekend BabyS turned one year old. According to Chinese customs it needs to be celebrated, big time.

The last two weeks before the big day were spent om planning and organizing. With a control freak like me, nothing was left to chance. With my latent fear of not having enough food, large amounts of food were bought.

At the last minute I had decided to make tapas for BabyS celebration. Which in the beginning sounded like a good idea. I could make much of it advance and if the guests had any preferences they could just eat more of what they liked. With the big family dag being on Saturday I had my hands full on Friday with chopping and wrapping and frying and baking and so on…shortly put, I might have bitten a little more than I could chew…When I went to bed at midnight I was about halfway.

Despite a stressful morning at CasaR the celebration went of without a hitch. I just totally spaced and forgot to take a picture of the finished food…and the cakes. Have asked DaddyO to make a mental note, remember to take more pictures! Sorry BabyS, MommyS totally spaced….but you and everybody did enjoy yourself!

Some of my friends wondered about the food that was served, so here is a recap…

Foccacia (receipe here, thanx Gunhild for the link), I made mine without olives or sundried tomatoes
Baconwraped dates, note to self: use a whole slice of bacon instead of half a slice as many recommend
Pork nuggets
Chicken nuggets
Mozzarella with cherry tomatoes
BBQ chicken wings
Oven roasted potatoes, with tex mex herbs
Feta cheese
Garlic and chilli marinated scampi, plain and simple – marinated overnight
Bratwurst, barbequed
Knackwurst, barbequed
Fried rice w/chicken, my safe bet for children attending (thank you mummy for the help with this one)

Minipavlova, with cream, custard and all the strawberries, blueberries and raspberries you could eat
Pandan chiffon cake (see my earlier tries here)
Chocolate swiss role
Fruit screwers with marshmellows

Hmmm while writing this post it sound so little, compared to the work I put in…

The second celebration day for out little BabyS we added sushi and cupcakes to the menu.

Thank you friends and family for making BabyS one year birthday a wonderful experience. Love you all!

- bitten of more than you can chew lately?
- does your family have any traditions when it comes to babys’ first birthday?

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