Monday, June 3, 2013

Talk about knitting

As I mentioned in an earlier post….baby blankets for all my friends who have given birth lately. A few have still yet to be given their rightful owners…but I thought I would post these pictures while BabyS was sleeping and I don’t forget…

The pattern

The result

I used my favorite blanket pattern by Pickles

Knitted in Babyull by Viking
I wanted to make a stars and stripes blanket, but couldn’t find a pattern. As I couldn’t decide which color I wanted as the main color I wound up making this one a reversible on, like the one I made for BabyS.

Also knitted in Babyull by Viking
I’ve wanted to try out the pattern for Mor Signe blankets – knitted diagonally in stead of strait up…

While surfing, I came across this beautiful blanket.

Knitted in Ullteppegarn by Gjestal.
And my latest creation, a simple blanket for sweet baby Maja.

This is a reinvented version of Garnstudios pattern Bundle of joy. Instead of the blackberry pattern I stayed to plain garter stich (I think it’s called)

To make the name part, I found a cool font on my computer, typed up the name and saved it as a picture. I then converted the picture into a pattern with knitPro – this is a super online tool! Makes a pattern from most pictures. Don’t remember who tipped me, but thank you!

Hope the newly made families appreciate the blanket they receive. After making so many blankets the past few months I’m taking a break from my blanket producing days. For some reason I tried out the game Candy Crush Saga and I’m totally hooked!

- have you knitted any blankets lately?
- which model is your favorite?

So off to get me some Candy Crush….

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