Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Happy mail

I often hear that pen and paper is a dying medium…everything has gone digital. Working within IT I can’t disagree with that. However the other day I came across the concept of Pocket Letter Pals. A fun, new and not to mention creative way to send snail mail. Remember that? Writing on a piece of paper, folding it up, putting it in an envelope and going to the post office to mail it…Well I did that the other day, well not the post office part – I’ve bought a bunch of stamps I can slap on letters that go the snail way.

The concept is using 9 pocket sleeves (like the ones for baseball cards) and putting whatever you want in 8 of the pockets, and a letter in the last pocket. I chose to decorate both front and back on my sleeves. You can read more about the concept over on Janette Lanes’ blog. Janette is the “creator” of pocket letters and she has some of the most beautiful creations. I also just joined Pocket Letter Pals, a network for pocket letter creators. It’s free to join and a great place to find inspiration and pen pals to swap pocket letters with. There is also a Facebook group dedicated to Pocket Letters, here.

The other day I made my first pocket letter and shipped it of to the US. Hope Lori likes what she is getting. Since I haven’t told here about this blog, I’m taking a chance and posting pictures here – hopefully she doesn’t see it here before receiving it.

Photo 08.03.15, 21.42.01 Photo 08.03.15, 21.10.07



Photo 09.03.15, 08.50.33
folded up

As Lori had told me she loved ocean blues, I tried to make that the theme of the PL. I folded it up an made a closing mechanism using washi tape and a few star stickers. I’ve seen several on the PL network stating how addictive make PL are. I’ve noticed that and already looking into making my next PL…just need to find another victim  recipient.

I look forward to receiving my first PLs. Sound like so much more fun to receive letters like these than the boring official mailings that frequent my mailbox.

- do you send/receive snail mail?

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