Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Errors all around

The previous post was originally written using the blog tool Windows Live Writer 2012. But when I clicked the “publish” button all I got was an error message. Working within IT, I’ve seen my fair share of error messages, but this one had me fumbled…


I know I haven’t been very actively blogging…only a post a month…but the program was working fine the last time I blogged. Well as usuall, Google to the rescue!

I found a very simple explanation…Windows Live Writer is no longer supported for Blogger, which is the service I use. A simple switch over to the open source version Open Live Writer and we are back in business (BTW, open source means free). This software is actively being updated, so features I am missing, like spell check and categorization of posts, will hopefully be available soon.

You can read more about the discontinuation of Windows Live Writer here

- what tool do you use to write your blog posts?

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