Thursday, December 3, 2015

Getting into the Christmas mood

Yesterday I went Christmas shopping with SweetieS.

Buying Christmas decorations and gifts for family and friends got us in a Christmas mood. Despite it being December and the trees are bare. Mother Nature still hasn’t released a huge amount of snow upon us.

This years Christmas wish list has been updated, here.

Now off to put together this years Christmas cards…they need to go postal ASAP….

Some stuff to give you some Christmas spirit…

Bilde 03.12.15, 22.24.48gingerbread soap, available @Rusta

some “real” Christmas cookies, yummy
(had to borrow a picture as I never am fast enough with the camera when these come out)

Bilde 30.11.15, 22.33.15what’s December without an Advent calendar? here is SweetieS 2015 advent calendar

- what gets you in the Christmas mood?

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