Thursday, January 10, 2013

A little knitting

With the flu and a sinus infection finally loosening the grip on me I have some catching up to do…

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years celebration. And with days starting to go back to ‘normal’ … I try to enjoy the last full month of my maternity leave. In February I slowly return back to work. Ahhh how time flies. BabyS is already 7 months old!

Thanks to help from DaddyO we got last years Christmas shopping done almost two weeks before Christmas eve, leaving me with lots of time to do some knitting.

The projects I finished were mostly for BabyS, one can never have too many blankets or socks Smile with tongue out

Strikka snap of the finished knits…

Here are the patterns I used:

image image image
Bring it on baby blanket by Pickles Tube socks by Drops design Twister beanie by G-Anette

All the projects are knitted in baby merino wool (the grey socks and the pink/purple/grey blanket) and alpaca blends (the brown socks, the purple/white blanket and my beanie). All should be warm and cozy on these (still) cold winter days.

Just a note, I didn’t follow the beanie pattern to the letter…when I followed the pattern it was more of a kids size beanie when using the alpaca blend I had. So I increased the number for masks to start with from 80 to 120. But thanks G-Anette for the great pattern.

The socks don’t have heals knitted into them, so they are one size fit all babies. Just knit them as long as you feel like, I made mine about 25cm long.

- Have you done some knitting lately?
- Who do you knit projects for?
Do share you projects by leaving me a link…all comments are also appreciated.

Be back before you know it with another post…

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