Sunday, January 13, 2013

Some cover “fire”

Inspired by Majas hobbykrok post on knitting a cover for firelighter boxes I gave it a try this weekend.




The firelighter box originally screams at you…and I have a box with a design that is less colorful than the ones out there… My box measurs 37 cm in diameter and 23,5 cm high.



I’m not 100% happy with the result. Mostly because I knit the pattern too tight, causing the snowflakes to be a bit stretched. But happy with my efficiency…only took me one weekend!

IMG_3258 looks great next to our fireplace

After making one is such a short time I will make more of these. need to be able to change it when I feel like it. The box is stored next to our fireplace year round, so should have some designs that can be used with the different seasons…not just snowflakes.

a close up

Very happy with my color choice, the deep purple with the off white…very advent. With purple being my favorite color, how can I not love it Smile with tongue out I did make some changes to the original pattern…other than the colors…I “removed” a row of snowflakes in the pattern. I felt it was too much with two rows.

- do you have firelighter boxes that need covering?
- what designs would you like to see on your cover?

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