Friday, January 25, 2013

Another buzz

Today I picket up my newest Buzzador package. Yay!

Product this time: Fruit smoothies from Nestlé
This time I’m buzzing about Nestlé Min Frukt (a fruit smoothie) that comes in practical food pouches. As always the great people at Buzzador make sure we have enough to test ourselves and lots to give away! I received ten! pouches of the two types, the red pouch: apple/banana/strawberry and the green pouch: apple/pear.


We already know that she loves food that come in pouches. Unfortunately BabyS is sick these days so her appetite is more or less lacking. Not the best time to test out new tastes. So holding off a few days with these pouches. But we are looking forward to trying these.

- Have you tried Nestlé Min Frukt?
Feel free to comment you opinions on these pouches below.

What is a Buzzador you ask?
If you haven’t head about Buzzador, it’s about time! The concept of Buzzador is “curious people that test products and services. The Buzzadors spread their honest opinions to friends and acquaintances”

Being a Buzzador has given me the opportunity to test products I didn’t know existed or would ever try if I just saw it in the store. This way I get to test the product, give feedback to the producer and give honest recommendations to friends and family. And all this for free! What’s better than that?

- Want to know more about Buzzador? Here’s a link to their website.
- What to give being a Buzzador a try?  Here’s a link to the sign-up page.

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